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Things To Do in Peel Inland

Discover what's going on in arts, events & culture

Discover what’s going on in arts, events & culture.

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Attractions in Peel Inland


Alcoa Discovery Centre Tours

Here at Alcoa there’s always something new to learn…so why not join us on a tour Discover Alcoa for yourself!

  • Tour Price:Free
  • Type:Tours
  • Activity:Mining Site



The Alcoa Discovery Centre has for the last 30 years been a leader in industry and resource sector tourism. We have built a reputation of sharing knowledge and information with the community and have been an exciting part of the primary and secondary school curriculum. In addition we offer tailor made tours to university, dignitary and peer group visitors. Since this tour program was implemented Alcoa has had over 600,000 visitors.

Alcoa offers free tours of our bauxite mines, alumina refineries and aluminium smelters in Western Australia and Victoria. Contact us to book your seat on a tour and discover Alcoa for yourself!

For all tour bookings in Western Australia please contact our friendly staff at the Alcoa Discovery Centre on 9530 2400, or email us.

Amaze Miniature Park & Mini Golf

Amaze Miniature Park formerly known as Abingdon Miniature Village was built in 2003 and is home to many English replica scale model buildings.

  • Open days/Times:Fri - Mon 10am - 4.30pm, Tue - Thur Closed.
  • Tour Price:From $12
  • Activity:Minigolf
  • Suited For:Families,Kids (4 - 12)
  • Type:Attractions


  • Open Days:Monday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday


This wonderful attraction has an extensive display of scale model miniature buildings and railways. Many of the models are replicas of well known historic buildings from Abingdon Village, parts of the United Kingdom and Germany. Set amongst four acres of beautifully manicured gardens it is a superb must see attraction to visit.

Walking through the extensively landscaped gardens is like stepping back in time. The grounds provide you with a self-guided tour past the ornamental lake and miniature steam and diesel trains, canals, locks and barges to the town of Abingdon, the oldest continually inhabited town in England.

Included in your entry is the enjoyment of a hedge maze, circular maze, secret garden, lakes, water features, playground and other activities.

The grounds also have on offer a 12 hole miniature golf course for your enjoyment and entertainment. 

Bindjareb Park

Enjoy a walk through bushlands and learn about traditional uses of plants, local history and visit the site of remnants of an Aboriginal Reserve. Share the dreamtime stories of local culture.

  • Suited For:Kids (4 - 12),Teens (13 - 17),Adults (18+),Seniors,Families
  • Tour Duration:1 - 5 hours
  • Tour Price:$20 - $140
  • Type:Tours
  • Activity:Aboriginal Bushfoods,Aboriginal Owned & Operated
  • Open days/Times:Saturday


  • Open Days:Saturday
  • Tour Capacity:10-20


Key Experiences

-Enjoy authentic bush tucker lunch with ingredients native to Bindjareb

-Visit or shop at an Aboriginal art gallery with authentic arts and crafts
-Tours of sacred and historic Aboriginal sites with a local Aboriginal tour guide
-Learning about the Aboriginal Dreamtime ( the Dreamtime are Aboriginal stories and legends of how the land was created)
-Learn about traditional Aboriginal hunting / gathering
-Learn about Aboriginal history and culture



Dwellingup Adventures

Invent your own adventure and explore the forest and river valleys of Dwellingup.

  • Activity:Biking,Kayak/Canoe/Raft,White Water Rafting
  • Suited For:Teens (13 - 17),Adults (18+)
  • Tour Duration:1-4 Days
  • Type:Tours



Canoe, raft and mountain bike hire, as well as self-guided supported canoe, walk and mountain bike tours.

• White water rafting (seasonal)
• Adventure activities for groups and corporate

Forest Heritage Centre

The beautiful rammed earth Forest Heritage Centre links Forest to Arts and Environment. It offers a hub for artisans to work, school groups to study and visitors to enjoy the arts and Jarrah forest.

  • Suited For:Families,Seniors,Wheelchairs
  • Open days/Times:Open 7 Days
  • Type:Tours
  • Activity:Art & Craft,Bush Walking


  • Open Days:School holidays,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday,Public Holidays


The FHC houses a fine art gallery, retail shop of local artisans work, a forest interpretive centre, walking trails with education signage and a full equipped workshop for hire. 


Creative courses are available for people interested in short workshops.  Courses include woodworking, painting, felting, ceramics, jewellery making, blacksmithing, and mosaics.  The programme is regularly updated and no previous experience is necessary to participate.  http://www.forestheritagecentre.com.au/courses


We offer a large range of Environmental, Aboriginal Cultural and Creative courses for students and groups ages K - 12.

‘Nearer to Nature’ educational courses are now available at the FHC.  These courses are run in partnership with DPaW and ALCOA and are directly curriculum linked.  Exclusive to the FHC is an ALCOA / Nearer to Nature day tour that combines a guided tour of ALCOA and a Nearer to Nature programme.  This tour also includes a bus subside to schools to help cover the cost of travel.  http://www.forestheritagecentre.com.au/educational-programmes  This link will also lead you to a full list of the Creative Courses on offer.


Experienced Guides at the FHC conduct excellent guided tours.  We cater for small private groups through to large tour buses.  Explore the interpretive centre and the walk trails, learning about wildflowers, animals and resources of the forest.  A tree-top viewing platform allows visitors to enjoy the bush at canopy height and a handmade timber cutter’s hut and campfire area can be reached from one of the bush trails. Tours of the nearby timber mill can also be arranged.  http://www.forestheritagecentre.com.au/guided-tours


We lease our well-equipped workshop, machine room and studio spaces on a short or long term basis.  There are a large number of resources available including, workshop bays, benches, fully equipped wood machining room, lathe room, sanding room, spray booth, power tools, clamps, and kiln room, plus shared storage facilities. 

The FHC is a 10 minute walk or short drive from the town centre. Comfortable backpacker style accommodation for individuals or groups and conference facilities are for hire in the nearby Jarrah Forest Lodge.

Hotham Valley Tourist Railway

  • (08) 9550 3999

Two scenic tours around the Dwellingup area. One ascends WA's steepest and most amazing sections of railway. Times and prices vary.

  • Type:Tours
  • Activity:Train Rides
  • Suited For:Adults (18+),Seniors



The Etmilyn Forest Tramway is a 1 1/2 hour tour in a diesel train and runs all year. Prices are around $8 for adults, $3.50 for children and $19.50 for a family ticket. The Darling Range to Dwellingup tour runs between April and November on Wednedays and can be taken as a one-way or round trip. Adults cost $ 16.50, Children $10.00 one-way and $21.50 and $13.50 return. For information or enquiries please call 9221 4444, 9531 1438 or 9550 3999.

Kaarak Dreaming Maitland's Cultural Tours

Step back into the dream-time and join Maitland on one of his Aboriginal cultural tours.

  • Tour Duration:1.5 hours - 6 hours
  • Type:Tours
  • Activity:Aboriginal Bushfoods,Aboriginal Music, Art & Dance,Aboriginal Owned & Operated
  • Suited For:Families,Kids (4 - 12),Teens (13 - 17),Adults (18+),Seniors


  • Tour Locations:Dwellingup


You can learn about Nyoongar - Aboriginal bush medicine and native plants. You will discover the Nyoongar six seasons and Maitland will demonstrate sand mapping. Enjoy learning about cultural knowledge and share in the experience of a traditional smoking ceremony. Learn how Aboriginal people can make fire and try it for yourself. Relax in a natural bush setting while Maitland plays the didgeridoo and tapping sticks. You will be welcomed in his native language and invited to enjoy billy tea and damper. Maitland is also an accomplished Aboriginal artist and offers traditional painting classes on country. Tours are delivered from Dwellingup, Western Australia by appointment. 

Key Experiences

Step into the dreamtime and learn about ancient dreaming stories and join in a yarning circle.
Experience Nyoongar culture and history.
Discover traditional ways of reading the land and join in sand-mapping.
Learn about Nyoongar bush medicinal plants and native foods.
See traditional fire making and join in a smoking ceremony.
Listen to the didgeridoo being played while enjoying billy tea and damper.
Join Maitland in painting on country and learn to paint artworks Nyoongar style.
Be guided on an ancient dreaming trail bush walk while learning about traditional hunting.  

Peel Zoo

A Hands On Experience. Hand feed & pet animals. Hold a snake, tickle a ferret, pat a fox... Walk-in bird aviary. Free BBQs. Open 7 days.

  • Suited For:Kids (4 - 12),Teens (13 - 17),Families,Wheelchairs
  • Activity:Wildlife Park/Centre
  • Type:Attractions


  • Open Days:Saturday,Sunday,Public Holidays,School holidays,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday


Peel Zoo
Peel Zoo is a boutique, hands-on zoo, in a lush setting on the banks of the Murray River. Being nestled into a fertile wetland means our surroundings are naturally impressive. Apart from a location worthy of envy, what makes Peel Zoo different from other zoos is our desire to ensure visitors get a ‘hands on experience’. That means, at Peel Zoo you can get up close and personal with over 150 different species of animals.

The Peel Zoo Experience
Peel Zoo provides a truly amazing experience for children of all ages. We encourage people to hand feed the kangaroos, wallabies, emus, deer… Hold a snake, pat a fox, tickle a ferret… Relax in the shade and enjoy our FREE BBQ facilities. Peel Zoo is so tranquil, it's actually therapeutic.

More Than Just A Zoo
Peel Zoo is a fantastic location for children’s parties, school camps, and group excursions. We can even come to you, if that suits. It’s a pleasure to provide children with opportunities they might otherwise never experience.

About Peel Zoo
Peel Zoo is a privately funded zoo and wildlife sanctuary. Our goal is to be the best boutique zoo in Australia. We strive to achieve this by making sure everyone who visits us has a unique and personal experience. Visiting Peel Zoo is a bit like visiting one of your own family, who just happens to have hundreds of pets.

Breeding animals is a key concern for us. And, in that regard, our Tasmanian Devil breeding program is of vital importance. This species is endangered in the wild because of an in incurable facial tumor disease. We hope our efforts contribute to the long term future of the Tassie Devil. This year we bred 11 joeys, which makes us the most successful breeders in Australia.

The Difference
The difference between Peel Zoo and other zoos is the "Hands On Experience" you'll get when you visit us. We offer more than just walking past enclosures. When you come to Peel Zoo, our awesome team of Volunteers will ensure you have a great time, every time. If you want to hold a Stimsons Python; no problem. If you don't want to, but your 4 year old son, who knows no fear does, we can help with that too. Maybe a ferret is more to your liking. Or a koala… We'll do our best to help you create wonderful memories of your visit here.

It's Not Just Us
We're not the only ones who rave about Peel Zoo. This place does have a profound effect on most people.

"Wow!" Jim, Val & Betty Warnbro, WA
"Great day out for the kids." Kylie Merriden, WA
"Best zoo eva." Lilly Victoria Park, WA
"Better than Perth Zoo." Penni Albany, WA
"Beautiful creatures." Peter Saskatoon, Canada
"Brilliant. Loved it. Fabulous." Ferrie Family Scotland
"Staff really helpful." Jacquelyn Suffolk, England

Peel Zoo Facilities
Peel Zoo is a family friendly wildlife park. Our facilities include plenty of shaded areas to sit and enjoy your morning tea, lunch, or afternoon snack. Make sure you have a look at out BBQ and Picnic pages to see what awaits you on your next visit to Peel Zoo.

Disability Friendly
The tracks through Peel Zoo are all paved. In other words, they are wheel chair and walking frame friendly. What's more, the Zoo is compact and dense with exhibits, so it's very easy to see a lot, in a short space of time. If you're planning a family gathering, make sure you invite the Grandparents. Peel Zoo is a fun and relaxed day out for children of all ages.

Getting Here

Travelling South From Perth
Travelling South down Forrest Highway 
Turn left off the Freeway along Pinjarra Road. Drive approximately 7km towards Pinjarra. Turn left into Sutton Street, immediately after the Pinjarra Golf Club. Turn right into Sanctuary Drive, at the second roundabout. The carpark is right in front of you. 
Travelling South down South West Highway
Turn right along Pinjarra Road, when you get to the traffic lights in Pinjarra. Drive approximately 2km towards Mandurah. Turn right into Sutton Street, immediately before the Pinjarra Golf Club. Turn right into Sanctuary Drive, at the second roundabout. The carpark is right in front of you.

Travelling North To Perth
Travelling North up Forrest Highway
Turn off the Freeway along Pinjarra Road towards Pinjarra. Drive approximately 7km towards Pinjarra. Turn left into Sutton Street, immediately after the Pinjarra Golf Club. Turn right into Sanctuary Drive, at the second roundabout. The carpark is right in front of you. 
Travelling North up South West Highway
Turn left along Pinjarra Road, when you get to the traffic lights in Pinjarra. Drive approximately 2km towards Mandurah. Turn right into Sutton Street, immediately before the Pinjarra Golf Club. Turn right into Sanctuary Drive, at the second roundabout. The carpark is right in front of you.

Can't make it to the Zoo? Don't worry. We can bring the Zoo to you.

Peel Zoo has a wealth of experience when it comes to presenting interactive, wildlife experiences. In fact, we even have a name for our unique presentations: Zoo2U. Zoo2U delivers a wide range of up close and personal experiences in an equally diverse range of locations.

Below is a list of presentations we can do, but if you can think of something different, just give us a call. We’re happy to work with you to achieve a fun and memorable outcome.

• Schools
• Pre-school, Kindergarten, Childcare Centres
• Vacation Care Programs
• Shopping Centres
• Private Parties
• Corporate Events
• Film & Television
• Customised Events

Peel Zoo For Schools: now that's "edu-tainment"
Peel Zoo takes education very seriously. However, we also think it should be fun. That's why we help schools with what we call "edu-tainment".

Our goal with "edu-tainment" is to support teachers in the delivery of a variety of educational subjects. These subjects might include Research Skills, Science, Animal Care, Ecosystems, Conservation, English, and even the Arts.

Peel Zoo values Education, Animal Care, and Conservation. What's more, we believe the best way to nurture these values in children is to offer them hands on, practical, and very real experiences. This approach really motivates student learning.

The experienced staff at Peel Zoo offer animal based activities that range from observation, animal care, safe animal handling, and facts about each animal and the ecosystem in which they live.

If you’re a teacher, call Narelle or David to ask about how Peel Zoo can enrich the lives of your students today.

School Camps
Peel Zoo is proud to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime. For the first time ever, it’s now possible to sleep-over at the Zoo. Just bring your tent and sleeping bag. We’ll provide the rest. Price does depend upon numbers. So, call us now to secure your booking.

Prices & Times For Peel Zoo
Below are the Admission Prices and Opening Times for Peel Zoo in Pinjarra. To make a Group Booking or organise a themed children's party (Butterfly or Safari), please contact Narelle or David on 08 9531 4322.

Peel Zoo Admission Prices
Adult (16yo+) $18
Child (3-15yo) $9
Australian Senior $13.50
Family (2 adults, 2 children) $48

Peel Zoo Opening Times
Last entry is 1 hour before closing.
Weekdays 10am – 4pm
Weekends 9am – 5pm
Public Holidays 9am – 5pm
School Holidays 9am – 5pm 

Pinjarra Golf Club

  • (08) 9531 2588

Course open to public with tourists welcome. Golf carts available and Pro Shop on the premises. BBQ facilities there to have a casual meal after your 18 holes.

  • Open days/Times:Open 6am - 7pm Daily
  • Activity:Golf
  • Suited For:Adults (18+),Seniors
  • Type:Attractions


  • Open Days:Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday,Public Holidays,School holidays


Cost $17 for 18 holes and $12 for 9 holes.

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