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Discover what's going on in arts, events & culture

Discover what’s going on in arts, events & culture.

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Galleries in Cbd


New Museum

Opening 2020

  • Open Days/times:Opening 2020
  • Museums:Local History,Natural History,State Museums



The New Museum for Western Australia is one of the most significant museum redevelopments in the world today, and one of which all Western Australians should be incredibly proud.

Developed in the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre, it will share the stories of our people and place, acting as a gateway to explore all of Western Australia. It will reflect the extraordinary history, distinctiveness, creativity and diversity of our State and region.

Over the course of the project, and long after the doors have opened in 2020, the people of WA will be invited to contribute to the way we present the stories of our past, present and future. We will encourage dialogue, debate and the sharing of multiple perspectives to identify the stories and experiences that are important to our State.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to create a museum that is both reflective and worthy of WA. Our ambition is to be an excellent and vibrant Museum, valued and used by all Western Australians and admired by the world.

140 Library

A cosy, colourful pop-up library and study space in the heart of the city!

  • Open Days/times:7 Days
  • Libraries:All Libraries


  • Open Days:Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday,Public Holidays
  • Facilities:Cafe,Free


Once upon a time Perth inner city dwellers had nowhere to sit back, relax and keep cosy during the winter months.

Until, 140 transformed Postal Place into a hub for them to escape the chaos...

Our Library is a book exchange and a sanctuary away from the city. You can relax and enjoy the space and even take a book home. In return we ask you replace it with another book you have loved, which you don’t mind passing on. 

Aboriginal Art Gallery of Kings Park

The curatorial and management staff of the gallery invite you to experience a journey through Aboriginal art with a variety of innovative, contemporary and traditional Aboriginal art and artefacts.

  • Galleries:Aboriginal,Painting,Art Gallery
  • Open Days/times:Monday - Friday 10.30am - 4.30pm, Saturday, Sunday, public holidays 11am - 4pm


  • Open Days:Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday,Public Holidays


The Aboriginal Art Gallery, located in Kings Park overlooking the Swan River and the City of Perth, was established first in Hay Street, Perth in 1992, as a venue to exhibit the art of Western Australian Indigenous artists.

The Gallery has been at its present location for the past 15 years. This Kings Park location offers a premium location that encourages appreciation of Aboriginal culture, their contribution to Australian history, family kinship and respect for the land.

The Aboriginal Art Gallery gives visitors the opportunity to meet and talk to Aboriginal artists and observe them as they work, listen to their stories unfold in music and dance performances from some of Western Australia's leading Aboriginal artists. Visitors to the gallery, both national and international, have the opportunity to be a part of the reconciliation between the original inhabitants of Australia and the people who have made this country their home over the past 200 years.

Art is central to Aboriginal culture. In a culture with no written language, it was used to record the beliefs and stories from the Dreaming and to pass these on to each successive generation. "Aboriginal culture represented through art has been dated at over 40,000 years old."

Aboriginal art, while fulfilling its earlier role is now also being used by artists to express and describe the contemporary issues impacting on their lives.

This has expanded the boundaries of Aboriginal Art, from works traditionally rendered on rock, bark and sand using natural ochre, to works using oils, watercolour and acrylic paints, etchings, gauche, collage and solvent transfer prints.

The gallery's reputation is substantially recognised throughout the Aboriginal community and amongst collectors of fine Indigenous art around the world.

The curatorial and management staff of the gallery has extensive knowledge of Western Australian Indigenous art and have expanded the gallery's interest to include the Central Desert region of Utopia. We invite you to experience a journey through Aboriginal art with a variety of innovative, contemporary and traditional Aboriginal art and artefacts. 

Art Collective WA

Art Collective WA is an artist-run, not-for-profit organisation that supports and promotes the work of established WA artists through exhibitions, as well as artist talks, publications and art fairs.

  • Open Days/times:Wednesday - Friday 11am – 4pm, Saturday 12 – 4pm
  • Galleries:Art Gallery,Woodwork,Painting,Sculpture,Textiles,Drawing,Installation,Mixed Media


  • Open Days:Saturday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday


Art Collective WA was established in 2013 by a group of artists who aim to improve the visibility of Western Australian visual artists, in particular those that have lived and worked in the state for many years.
The Collective presents an annual program of exhibitions and artist talks at their gallery in Cathedral Square. They also exhibit by invitation at art fairs (including Sydney Contemporary and Singapore Art Fair) and publish significant monographs on their artist members, most recently Trevor Vickers and Jeremy Kirwan-Ward. Artist talks are recorded for archive purposes and will soon be published online as an ongoing series of podcasts.
The Art Collective WA Benefactors are a group of art collectors who appreciate the work of the Collective and support their work annually.
The Collective is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation, which currently boasts 29 professional artists as members. Membership is by invitation only.
Artists: Merrick Belyea, Penny Bovell, Tim Burns, Paul Caporn, Olga Cironis, Penny Coss, Jo Darbyshire, Sarah Elson, Caspar Fairhall, Giles Hohnen, Chris Hopewell, Jeremy Kirwan-Ward, Eveline Kotai, Joanna Lamb, Andre Lipscombe, Anthony Muia, Lesley Munro, Ron Nyistor, Brad Rimmer, Kevin Robertson, Helen Smith, Alex Spremberg, Angela Stewart, Jon Tarry, Michele Theunissen, Paul Uhlmann, Trevor Vickers, Toni Wilkinson, Jurek Wybraniec

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Through the Collection, our associated programs, and stimulating exhibitions Gallery visitors' are offered a unique & exciting experiences of historic and contemporary Australian artists.

  • Galleries:Craft,Drawing,Furniture,Glass,Installation,Jewellery,Mixed Media,Painting,Photography,Pottery,Sculpture,Ceramics,Textiles,Public Art Gallery
  • Open Days/times:Wednesday - Monday 10am - 5pm (closed Good Friday, Anzac Day and Christmas Day.


  • Open Days:Monday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday


AGWA places particular emphasis on the arts of Australia, and due to their geographic position, the Indian Ocean Rim. Their proximity and access to many of the most exciting cultures of the world adds immeasurably to programs, exhibitions, collections and events at the State Art Gallery. Visit the Gallery and watch this site as they build for the future.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia, founded in 1895, occupies a precinct of three heritage buildings on the south-eastern corner of the Perth Cultural Centre. The Gallery houses the State Art Collection, which includes one of the world’s finest collections of Indigenous art, the pre-eminent collection of Western Australian art and design, as well as Australian and International art and design.

Barracks Arch

Barracks Arch, one of Perth's iconic historic buildings is located at the top of St George's Terrace. Built in 1866 it was originally the entrance to a larger building call the Pensioner Barracks.

  • Historical Sites:Buildings


  • Facilities:Free
  • Open Days:Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday


The Barracks was built to house the Enrolled Pensioner Force (also known as ‘Pensioner Guards’). The guards came to Australia on the convict ships that transported nearly 10,000 prisoners to Western Australia between 1850 – 1868.

The Barrracks were in use to house the Pensioner Foruce until 1887, between 1900 - 1904 the building was convered into offices. 

In the 1960’s the Government surmised there was no need for the Barracks and decided to demolish the buildings.The announcement created a public uproar and motivated the Royal Western Australian Historical Society to form a Barracks Defence Council. The Council worked diligently to keep the Arch however demolition proceeded and in 1966 all but the Arch was demolished.

Architect Richard Roach Jewell was appointed to design an appropriate building. He was at the time an employee of the Department of Public Works. He had arrived in Western Australia in 1851 and designed many of the important public buildings in Perth during the latter half of the nineteenth century, including the Pensioner Barracks. Some of his others designs include boys’ schools in Perth and Fremantle, Wesley Church, the oldest section of the Treasury Buildings, Perth Town Hall, Perth Goal and Government House.

Burt Memorial Hall Soldier Chapel

CATHEDRAL SQUARE An inner city neighborhood in the heart of Perth. Houses the Burt Memorial Hall named after the 2 sons of Septimus Burt and his wife Louisaso Burt Memorial Hall later chapel was built

  • Historical Sites:Buildings
  • Museums:Local History
  • Open Days/times:7AM - 5.30PM


  • Open Days:Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday


The Burt Memorial Hall stands in the heart of the Heritage Precinct of Perth. It is an important historic symbol of Perth’s Burt family, who played a significant role in the government of the Swan River Colony when it was first established.
Archibald Burt came half way round the world to be the first Chief Justice of Western Australia, and earn a reputation for fair dealing with the indigenous peoples.
Of the three sons who came with Archibald in 1861, Septimus became the State’s first Attorney General. More recently, Archibald’s great-grandson, Sir Francis Burt, was Judge of the Supreme Court from 1969–77, Chief Justice from 1977–88, Lieutenant Governor of Western Australia from 1977–90 and Governor from 1990–93.
Tragically, Septimus lost two sons in the Great War. When Theodore Burt was killed at Montauban in 1916 his father built the Burt Memorial Hall as a memorial to his son. The Foundation stone on the South-West corner of the building was laid by Lord Forrest on 26 October 1917. A year later, Francis Burt was killed at Villers-Bretonneux. A memorial tablet of Donnybrook stone and Australian marble is mounted on the wall of the staircase well near the main entrance.
The Burt Memorial Hall is a superb example of a community building constructed in the Gothic Revival style. It was designed by Mr Herbert Parry, son of the second Bishop of Perth.
Worked into the fabric on the south side of the building facing St George’s Terrace are the Arms of the Diocese of Perth and the Burt family crest.
In 1922 a magnificent stained glass window depicting the Four Virtues was incorporated into this side of the building in memory of Septimus by his wife, Louisa. It consists of four large panels with figures representing the virtues of Justice, Prudence, Temperance and Fortitude. Beneath these panels are the Coats of Arms of the United Kingdom and Australia together with the Diocesan Arms of Canterbury and Perth.
The Hall’s position abutting St George’s Terrace, central to the Heritage Precinct increases its significance as a community facility. The lower dining room was used as a soup kitchen during the Great Depression of the 1930s. In World War II, it was used to house Dutch refugees fleeing from Indonesia (Dutch East Indies) and to provide meals to returned servicemen.
In May 1979 a fire in one of the rooms beneath the hall caused extensive damage to valuable equipment, books, furnishings and other effects. The fire also burnt the floor of the main hall, which had to be replaced.
The years have taken their toll on the old building. From 2012 to 2014, a new roof was added and a complete refurbishment undertaken as part of the Cathedral Restoration Project. The restored building was reopened and rededicated at Evensong on Sunday 20 July 2014.
The Burt Memorial Hall is currently used for a variety of Cathedral and diocesan functions, receptions, workshops, educational visits and exhibitions.

City of Perth Heritage Centre

The Noongar people are the traditional owners of the Perth region and the Swan Coastal Plain in particular. Perth is a modern and vibrant capital city, boasting a desirable lifestyle, great geographic

  • Museums:Aboriginal,Local History,Military
  • Open Days/times:9AM - 5PM BY APPOINTMENT


  • Open Days:Friday,By Appointment Only,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday
  • Facilities:Free


As the capital city of one of the world’s most significant mining regions, Perth is rapidly growing in both population and economic prosperity.

The strength of our economy, especially our capabilities in the resource sector, ensures that both the city and the state are competitively placed for future investment and growth.

Perth's close proximity to Asia opens great potential for investors in energy, minerals, tourism and hospitality, education and agriculture and food.

Perth is in the midst of an exciting period of expansion and new developments. The large-scale capital works projects throughout the city and surrounding areas means Perth will change dramatically over the next ten years, better reflecting the growing global importance of the city.

These developments provide great opportunities for investors and will drive further economic growth, creating more jobs and stimulating commerce in all industries.

While the state of Western Australia is fortunate to have world-class reserves of natural mineral and energy resources, the city has become home to an equally impressive resource - a highly educated, skilled and productive workforce – gathered here by the strength of our tertiary institutions, economic climate and world-class lifestyle opportunities, making Perth the state's leading destination for creative innovation and cultural diversity.

For more information on Perth’s greatest strengths as an investment destination visit the Economic Development section.

City of Perth Library

This multi-level Library is located next to the Perth Town Hall, fronting Hay Street, and is accessible from St Georges Terrace via the Cathedral Square precinct. It is the first major civic building to be constructed since the Perth Concert Hall was built nearly 45 years ago.

  • Libraries:All Libraries



Conveniently located in the heart of the City, the Library is used by residents, City workers, students, tourists, visitors and shoppers.

The Library building covers 3,500 square metres and is revealed over seven levels. Visitors can explore the Library's ceiling artwork, bookable rooms, cafe, function spaces, outdoor terrace and zones for young adults and families. The Library offers fiction and non-fiction book collections, DVDs, magazines, newspapers and a host of online resources.

The City of Perth Library provides a true sense of place, with opportunities for community interaction as well as quiet and reflective spaces.

Cool Change Contemporary

Cool Change Contemporary is a new artist-run-initiative opening in the Perth CBD in August 2018.

  • Galleries:Ceramics,Drawing,Installation,Painting,Photography,Sculpture,Mixed Media,Print Making,Art Gallery


  • Wheelchair Access:Whilst there is a lift, it is not wide enough for all wheelchairs. Please contact us for more information and for assistance accessing Cool Change.
  • Facilities:Free
  • Open Days:Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday


Located within the historic Bon Marche Arcade building on Barrack Street, Cool Change Contemporary is a multi-gallery venue that will host a monthly program of exhibitions supported by regular performances, screenings, workshops and events.

East Perth Cemeteries

The cemeteries within the grounds continued to be the main burial ground for the Perth area until April 1899 when burials commenced at Karrakatta Cemetery. It's acknowledged that 10,000 dead are here.

  • Historical Sites:Cemeteries
  • Open Days/times:Sun 2PM - 4PM


  • Open Days:Sunday


This website is the culmination of over 50 years of collective effort by a legion of committed volunteers and professional researchers. The National Trust of Australia (WA) in partnership with the Friends of Battye Library Inc. have brought together this work, and with the support of Lotterywest made it accessible to the public.

The site for a burial ground was surveyed at East Perth in late 1829, and the first acknowledged burial was John Mitchell on 6 January 1830. The cemeteries within the grounds continued to be the main burial ground for the Perth area until April 1899 when burials commenced at Karrakatta Cemetery.

The East Perth Cemeteries burial ground were closed for new burials in 1899, except for those in vaults or with the approval of the Governor. Burials at East Perth continued until 1916 when this practiced was ceased with a handful of exceptions.

It is widely acknowledged that there are over 10,000 burials within the grounds of the East Perth Cemeteries. There was no burial register kept by either the Church Wardens or the caretakers of the Cemeteries. This led to researchers having to spend many hours compiling various histories and datasets on the East Perth Cemeteries and these have been produced in various formats.

Lorraine Clarke and Cherie Strickland as members of and in conjunction with the Friends of Battye Library Inc., collated a single database of the numerous existing datasets, once these datasets were combined and differences highlighted, they were then checked against the original source data, these discrepancies were then corrected or comments placed within the database to notate these variations.

Research was then undertaken using TROVE newspapers, State Records Office governmental records, State Library of Western Australia Private Archives, Royal Perth Hospital Admissions Registers to enable the most comprehensive biographical database on the inhabitants of Cemetery Hill. This database is fully sourced and acknowledges previous researchers who contributed to the end result.


Fire and Emergency Education and Heritage Centre

The Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) Education and Heritage Centre is located in the original Perth Central Fire Station.

  • Museums:Local History,Other
  • Open Days/times:10AM - 3PM


  • Facilities:Free,Wheelchair Access
  • Open Days:Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday


Now refurbished, the old station characterises both past and present emergency services’ through displays dedicated to the history of Western Australian (WA) fire services and a natural hazards and disasters education gallery.

FORM Gallery

FORM is a not for profit organisation which advocates for and develops creativity in Western Australia.

  • Open Days/times:Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
  • Galleries:Art Gallery,Painting,Photography


  • Open Days:Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday


FORM Gallery, in the King Street Arts Centre in the city, offers a year-round calendar of exciting, innovative new exhibitions.

FORM also hosts a number of interstate and international touring exhibitions.
Entry to exhibitions is free; opening nights attract large crowds and provide a vibrant space for good conversation over a glass of Amelia Park Wine or a locally crafted brew by Little Creatures amid stunning contemporary artworks.
Artists interested in exhibiting at FORM Gallery should contact us via email on [email protected] with a CV, bio, images of current work and a brief exhibition proposal.

FORM Gallery is also available for select private, corporate and non-profit events. The sophisticated loft style interiors offer an elegant and dramatic setting for cocktails and canapés. Guests can mingle in the gallery surrounded by the finest in local, national and international art and design. The exposed brick walls, hardwood floors and large wrap-around windows of the atrium can also be combined for larger events.FORM’s program areas:
1. Regional Development: creative and community projects initiated for Port Hedland and the surrounding Pilbara region
2. Aboriginal Creative Development: the Canning Stock Route Project and other Aboriginal cultural development projects in the Pilbara, Kimberley and remote Western Australia
3. Creative Capital: Thought Leadership, research and urban strategy
4. Industry Development: Midland Atelier, exhibition development, industry mentoring

When FORM published Comparative Capitals in 2008, benchmarking the performance of Australia’s main cities, our research revealed that Perth has the highest percentage of creative professionals in the country, the majority of which work in science and engineering. Yet between 2001 and 2006 Western Australia lost more creative professionals from media, arts, design and architecture than it gained.

Perth also has a history of producing the highest percentage nationwide of graduates with degrees in creative arts, yet loses most of these graduates over east or overseas; and again, it fails to attract sufficient numbers back as a counterbalance. These statistics point to a Western Australian cultural and creative sector which is talent-rich yet has not capitalised on all aspects of this talent.

The strength of the resource sector and the continued appetite in Asia for Australian commodities have to a large degree cushioned the economy, shaping an affluent, strong state. Yet for Western Australia to remain economically competitive and socially enriched, it must nurture its creative side, its cultural identity. FORM sees creativity and creative thinking as integral to achieving this, and through our programs – all of which are centred around creative development and engagement - we are helping create better places in which to live and work.

Gallery Central

Central's purpose-built gallery is a significant feature located in the heart Perth’s cultural area and the entertainment precinct of Northbridge.

  • Galleries:Animations,Ceramics,Craft,Drawing,Furniture,Glass,Installation,Art Gallery,Jewellery,Painting,Photography,Pottery,Sculpture,Textiles
  • Open Days/times:Monday - Friday 10am - 4.45pm, Saturday 12 - 4pm


  • Open Days:Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Monday


The Gallery Central is part of North Metropolitan TAFE formerly Central Institute of Technology. The Gallery’s program includes exhibitions from local, national and international artists and an Artist-in-Residence Program, all within a stunningly appointed and centrally located Creative Industries training environment.

Admission is free and the Gallery Central has several spaces.
Exhibitions are accessible and relevant, appealing to a wide audience. The Gallery Central showcase a range of artists which from time to time includes the achievements of College staff, students and graduates. Creative Industries at Central teaches visual art, ceramics, jewellery, fashion and textiles, graphic design, interior design and decoration, design for industry, photography, film and TV, music, animation and multimedia.


Government House

Captain Sir James Stirling RN arrived from England to found the Colony of Western Australia which he proclaimed as the State’s first Lieutenant Governor in June 1829.

  • Historical Sites:Buildings
  • Open Days/times:Mon - Fri 9AM - 5PM


  • Open Days:Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday


Government House is currently, and has been the home to successive Governors of Western Australia since 1863. 
The spacious, beautiful domain in central Perth on which the current Government House now stands has been the site of two other Vice Regal residences, now demolished, erected in the earliest days of European settlemen

Harvison Gallery

Harvison Gallery sells contemporary Indigenous and non Indigenous art. The gallery specialises in emerging and mid-career artists.

  • Galleries:Art Gallery
  • Open Days/times:open everyday from 7am (closed public holidays)


  • Open Days:Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday,Monday,Tuesday
  • Facilities:Cafe


Harvison Gallery offers exhibitions, an online exhibition, event space and a coffee boutique Art Starter. 

Museum of Performing Arts

The Museum of Performing Arts houses more than 40,000 catalogued items of theatre memorabilia collected by the theatre's historian. Items such as glamorous costumes, photographs, press clippings, scripts, scores and other historic pieces are publicly exhibited at the Museum, DownStairs at the Maj, with a new exhibition to view every six to eight weeks. The oldest item in the Museum collection dates back to 1854 - a beautiful silk programme from a Perth performance of amateur theatricals.

  • Museums:Local History,Other
  • Open Days/times:Mon - Fri 10AM - 4PM


  • Open Days:Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday



Throughout its colourful and exciting history, His Majesty's Theatre has hosted a myriad of performance genres - from ballet to contemporary dance, opera to musical theatre, vaudeville to stand-up comedy, Shakespearean drama to pantomime and more.

Performers who have graced the stage at 'The Maj' include: Dame Nellie Melba, Anna Pavlova, Gladys Moncrieff, Dame Margot Fonteyn and Sir Robert Helpmann, as well as Academy Award winners Katharine Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, Sir John Gielgud, Claudette Colbert, Rex Harrison and Geoffrey Rush.

These performers, and thousands more who have performed at His Majesty's Theatre since 1904, have all contributed to the cultural and social livelihood of Western Australia. In a fitting celebration of this, in February 2001, His Majesty's Theatre opened the Museum of Performing Arts.

The Museum of Performing Arts is curated by Theatre Historian Ivan King and Friends of His Majesty's Theatre are only too happy to assist with enquiries.

Read the biography of Theatre Historian Ivan King.

The Museum of Performing Arts houses more than 40,000 catalogued items of theatre memorabilia collected by the theatre's historian. Items such as glamorous costumes, photographs, press clippings, scripts, scores and other historic pieces are publicly exhibited at the Museum, DownStairs at the Maj, with a new exhibition to view every six to eight weeks. The oldest item in the Museum collection dates back to 1854 - a beautiful silk programme from a Perth performance of amateur theatricals.

Find out about our various theatre tours including: Grand Historical, Behind the Scenes, School Education and Technical.

To access the extensive collection of archival production photographs, visit the Museum of Performing Arts website at www.mopa.com.au 

Museum Of Perth

The Museum of Perth chronicles the social, cultural, political and architectural history of Perth.

  • Open Days/times:Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm
  • Museums:Local History


  • Open Days:Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday


Our exhibition gallery serves as a meeting place of ideas and stories, a retail space, micro-cinema and a cultural hub in a part of our city that is in flux. 

The Museum is an initiative of the Perth History Association Inc, a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2015; We are seeking volunteers and financial supporters to help us along the way, so please get in touch if you would like to help. 


Old Court House Law Museum

The Old Court House Law Museum is unique to Australia and one of a very small number of law museums worldwide. It is housed in the City of Perth's oldest building, constructed in 1836.

  • Open Days/times:Tue - Fri 10AM - 4PM
  • Museums:Local History,Other


  • Facilities:Free
  • Open Days:Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday


The museum's objective is to promote understanding of the law, legal issues and the legal profession in Western Australia’s community and to preserve the history of the law and the legal profession in this state. The museum is a community service managed by the Law Society of Western Australia and is sponsored by the Public Purposes Trust and the Department of the Attorney General.

Early Days
The Old Court House is Perth’s oldest remaining public building and was the most prominent building in the early days of the Swan River Colony. For the first six years of the Colony, court was held in the Anglican Church of St James: a small building with rush walls and thatched roof.

In 1836 Governor Stirling called for tenders for the construction of a new court and accepted the lowest bid of £698. The building was designed by the Colony’s Civil Engineer, Henry William Reveley. When it opened in 1837 it also served as a church for all denominations and a schoolroom.

Concert Hall
The Old Court House was important in the early musical life of the colonists and was the scene of the first public concert. In 1846, Dom Salvado, a Spanish Benedictine Monk, gave a piano recital in the courtroom to raise funds to develop a mission. Salvado walked more than 100 kilometres to Perth from near New Norcia and gave a Bellini recital to a packed audience in the ragged clothes he arrived in.

Trial of John Gaven
The trial of John Gaven, the first European executed in the Colony, took place in the Old Court House in 1844. Gaven, a petty thief, was 15 years old when he was transported from Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight and apprenticed to the Pollard family in the South West. Within a few months of his arrival, he was accused of the murder of 18 year old George Pollard. He was found guilty in the Old Court House and was hanged three days later outside the Roundhouse in Fremantle on Easter Saturday.

In February 1849 a meeting of State importance was held in the Old Court House. In response to a labour shortage, farmers and merchants called a meeting at which a motion was passed in favour of a full penal colony. The following year convicts began to arrive.

Representative Government
The Old Court House was the venue for a public meeting to demand Representative Government. The demands were unsuccessful until 1870.

Arbitration Court
From 1905 to 1964 the State Industrial Arbitration Court proceedings were held in the Old Court House.

Law Society of Western Australia
From 1965 -1987 the Old Court House served as the office of the Law Society of Western Australia.

In 1987 the building was refurbished and opened to the public as the Francis Burt Law Education Centre and Museum - one of the few law museums worldwide.

In 1992 the Court House was listed by the National Trust as a Heritage Site.  

Today the Old Court House Law Museum houses exhibition galleries and court room.  It is  home to the Francis Burt Law Education Programme.



Paper Mountain

Paper Mountain is a Perth based artist run initiative with a gallery, co-working space and studios, located in the heart of Northbridge, WA.

  • Galleries:Artisan Workshop,Art Gallery


  • Open Days:Public Holidays,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday


Paper Mountain presents a top notch program of surprising new art and ideas, and is dedicated to supporting a broad span of contemporary art projects. Our space is malleable and we use it to nurture experimentation, to challenge artists’ practices, and to encourage collaboration and skill/resource sharing.
Founded in late 2011 by Anna Dunnill, Amber Harries, Stephen Genovese & Joanna Sulkowski, Paper Mountain is currently co-directed by a team of eight who between them manage: the studios, special projects, exhibitions, events, communications, finance, media & artistic programming.


Peek-a-Boo is the street level window gallery of Gotham Studios Inc, operates 24/7 and celebrates its Silver Anniversary this year

  • Galleries:Sculpture,Textiles,Artist Studio,Mixed Media,Drawing,Installation,Painting,Photography
  • Open Days/times:BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
  • Represented Artists:Gotham Studio Collective artists and non-member artists


  • Open Days:By Appointment Only


Gotham Studios Inc and the Peek-a-Boo Gallery

Gotham Studios was established in 1987 and is Western Australia’s longest running artist-run initiative (and Australia's third-oldest), Gotham celebrating its 25th anniversary this year since being officially incorporated in 1988.   Along with other heritage buildings in the precinct, the building was closed for redevelopment in 2009. The studios were officially re-opened by The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi in September 2011 for Gotham Returns, which included a full-scale exhibition inside and throughout the building, and also the re-launch of the Peek-a-Boo Gallery - Gotham’s own ground floor window-box gallery - presenting a small-scale group show of small works.


During 25 years of artistic production, over 130 visual artists have had access to invaluable inner-city working space. Long time member Andrew Nicholls notes that Gotham has 

‘collectively made an assertive contribution to Western Australian culture over the past two decades, with many of the state’s leading visual artists, writers and curators based at the studio throughout its lifespan. Gotham is an icon of independent visual arts practice in the state.’ (Nicholls, 2013, p 3)

Established as 'the smallest gallery in the southern hemisphere' when the studios were first launched in the late 1980s (at an even smaller scale than its current floor-to-ceiling format), Peek-a-Boo today presents exhibitions of contemporary art from a gallery space only three square metres in size. Exhibitions can be viewed free of charge from the pavement at 57 James Street, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Initially intended as a playful dig at Gotham’s neighbour, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Peek-a-Boo was founded to allow experimental and non-institutional art to thrive at street level in Perth’s cultural centre. 

Last February and March, Gotham Gone Wild  honoured this legacy via a programme of surprising and celebratory artworks and interventions for Perth’s Fringe World 2013. In celebration of the Studio’s twenty-fifth anniversary, the artists of Gotham presented a changing programme of performances, sound works, temporary installations and events at Peek-a-Boo including: public life drawing from the street as models posed in the window; and night drawing - the artists drawing spectators on the glass and vice versa. Gotham Gone Wild complemented Le Salon Scintillant (winner of the Best Visual Art Award for Fringeworld 2013), Gotham’s inaugural Silver Anniversary exhibition at Moana Project Space, Perth.

Gotham has collaborated in the past with non-member artists at Peek-a-Boo, but this year, the gallery programme also features 7 exhibitions from exclusively non-member artists.  In November, Gotham Studios will be opening its doors to the public for the city-wide event, Perth Open House 2013, and has invited local artist Ben Crappsley to be the Peek-a-Boo artist for that time.

Perth Centre For Photography

The Perth Centre for Photography is Perth’s only dedicated photomedia gallery. We provide an environment that promotes the understanding and appreciation of contemporary photographic practices.

  • Galleries:Photography,Art Gallery
  • Open Days/times:Wednesday to Saturday 11am – 3pm


  • Open Days:Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Wednesday



The Perth Centre for Photography was established in 1992 as The Photography Gallery of WA to promote and support emerging and established photo based art in Western Australia. A name change coincided with a move to our larger Brisbane Street premises in 2004, allowing us to create two distinct exhibition spaces, and expand our exhibition profile.


The Perth Centre for Photography annual exhibition program is presented in two galleries. PCP exhibits the work of emerging and established artists from local, national, and international backgrounds. The program includes individual and group shows, and popular competitions promoting landscape and portrait photography. PCP welcomes proposals from all artists practicing in photography and related media. A gallery fee, at competitive rates, applies to successful applicants.


PCP regularly conducts artist talks, and invites all exhibitors to speak publicly about their work in the gallery. PCP also runs workshops by artists who are recognised as experts in their field. A seminar program is also currently being developed that will integrate technical and practical aspects of photography with critical accounts of the medium.


Our ongoing community commitment extends to partnerships with regional, indigenous and community programs.
We have exhibitions that travel to regional destinations with assistance from Art on the Move. We also show new work from regional and remote locations, with a particular focus on indigenous work.
PCP is proud to be associated with the FotoFreo Festival. We have partnerships with Propel Youth Arts WA with their Camera Recycle project, and have a good relationship with The Minter Ellison Youth Arts Foundation and The Perth International Arts Festival.
The Perth Centre for Photography has been instrumental in introducing a diverse program of emerging and established local, national and international artist’s work to Perth’s photographic and arts community, as well as the general public.


Members of the Perth Centre for Photography have a common interest in photographic media and art. A small annual fee helps support PCP’s exhibition program and develop its education program. PCP encourages all those interested in photography and art to join to support their local photography organisation and receive exclusive membership benefits in return.

Membership benefits include:

Invitation to submit your photography related news or content to the bi-monthly newsletter
Regular newsletter and update of PCP events and opportunities
Invitation to exhibit along side other photomedia artists in an annual group exhibition
Discounts to PCP’s competition program
Industry discounts
See the membership page for more details about exclusive member benefits and how to join.


The success of The Perth Centre of Photography is dependent on the continued support by a dedicated and energetic group of volunteers. Volunteers assist in a range of important duties essential to the running of a professional art gallery. PCP runs placement programs for people who are interested in a career in the Arts. Volunteers gain experience in gallery and exhibition operations. Free membership to PCP is also benefit of volunteering.


PCP is a not-for profit exhibition centre, assisted by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts

Perth Town Hall

The Perth Town Hall, situated on the corner of Hay and Barrack streets, is the only convict-built town hall in Australia.

  • Historical Sites:Buildings
  • Open Days/times:Mon - Sat 10AM - 4PM


  • Facilities:Wheelchair Access
  • Open Days:Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday


Designed by Richard Roach Jewell and James Manning in the Victorian Free Gothic style, the hall was built by convicts and free men between 1868 and 1870. Its decorations contain a number of convict motifs, including windows in the shape of the broad arrow, and decorations in the shape of a hangman's rope.

The foundation stone for Perth Town Hall was laid on 24 May 1867 by Governor Hampton in a ceremony involving a lot of pomp and parade. However there were torrential downpours. The ceremony went on anyway with an official procession from Government House and a mock battle performed by the Volunteer Regiments, Enrolled Forces of Pensioners, and the WA Country Regiment.

In 1929, the Centenary of Western Australia one of the events in the city of Perth was the placing of a commemorative plaque in the north west corner of the building by the Governor Sir William Campion. 

PICA: Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

The Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) is one of Australia's leading centres for the development and presentation of contemporary art.

  • Galleries:Installation,Painting,Photography,Sculpture,Mixed Media
  • Open Days/times:Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm


  • Open Days:Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday


The Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) is one of Australia's leading centres for the development and presentation of contemporary art.

Housed in a large and striking heritage building in the heart of Perth, Western Australia, PICA is the city's focal point for those wishing to experience the best of Australian and international visual, performing and cross-disciplinary art.

PICA is both a producing and presenting institution that runs a year round program of changing exhibitions, seasons in contemporary dance, theatre and performance and a range of interdisciplinary projects. It boasts one of the largest and most breath-taking exhibition spaces in Australia and has become known for the leading role it plays in the presentation of significant new work.

PICA's key aim is to promote, support and present contemporary arts and to stimulate critical discussion around the arts and broader cultural issues. Providing a site for experimentation, critical analysis, discussion and debate is fundamental to its charter. PICA is known for the rigour and breadth of its artistic and education programs, high production standards and impeccable presentation. In many aspects of its operations, PICA might be understood as an incubator: providing resources, mentoring and support for both emerging and mature artists whilst promoting new and emerging ideas, forms and practices to the broader community.

PICA is an icon of contemporary thinking - it is a catalyst for innovative and ground breaking art and culture. Not constrained by convention, PICA gives artists and audiences a glimpse of what is possible. 

Royal Perth Hospital Museum

Royal Perth We have hosted many significant medical breakthroughs, and have an enviable global reputation that includes Nobel Prize-winning discoveries . Western Australia’s longest-serving hospital.

  • Museums:Local History,Other
  • Open Days/times:Wed & Thu 9AM - 2PM


  • Facilities:Free
  • Open Days:Wednesday,Thursday


Established in 1829 Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) is Western Australia’s longest-serving hospital and renowned for contributing to innovation and excellence in medical research and patient care. We have one of the busiest Emergency Departments in Australia and the second biggest trauma workload in the country.
As a premier teaching hospital, RPH has a number of joint appointments with the universities and built a global reputation in research and innovation. We have hosted many significant medical breakthroughs, and have an enviable global reputation that includes Nobel Prize-winning discoveries.
Our dedicated team of health care professionals and patient support staff provide exceptional care and are committed to provide safe, high-quality and efficient services to our patients. Together with our 500 volunteers, we provide Western Australians with a supportive and compassionate service.
RPH is a 450-bed hospital, continuing to provide an extensive range of services including:
adult major trauma
complex and elective surgery
highly specialised surgical services
tertiary mental health
specialist medical services
a range of same-day clinical support services.
Royal Perth Hospital respectfully acknowledge the past and present traditional owners, the Wadjuk people. It is a privilege to be working on Wadjuk country. We also acknowledge the contributions and collaboration of Aboriginal Australians and non-Aboriginal Australians towards the health and wellbeing of all people in this country, we all live and share together – Australia.
RPH is part of the East Metropolitan Health Service, one of the fastest growing health services in Western Australia.

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