Light-hearted and hilarious, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon add Spain to the list in their ‘Trip to’ film series.

Perhaps two of the best-loved comedy figures on the planet, Steve Coogan and Rob Bryden team up once again, this time traipsing 1,000 miles across Spain on a comedy, culinary adventure that will leave you wondering how two grown men can possibly be this daft.

The premise is quite simple; the semi-fictional alter-egos of the pair are off to taste their way across Spain on a food tour with six sumptuous meals in six places. Think Laurie Lee or Hemingway (well, that’s what Steve wants you to think) on a journey of self discovery, but with more impressions, more off-the-wall conversations and more silliness.

Steve has just starred as a chef in a US TV series and is asked to do a set of restaurant reviews in Spain to publicise the show. Rob is tagging along to write the newspaper articles and escape crying children and the madness of family life. But as their trip progresses, so their respective lives seem to unravel.

The Trip to Spain is as much about food as it is about getting older – but not so gracefully. Steve is in a relationship with a younger, married American woman, while Rob is getting used to life with two kids after the birth of his second child. It’s a coming-of-age story for two fifty-something men, and one that hints quite unashamedly at midlife crisis in a way that is affable and appealing.

Director Michael Winterbottom has created the perfect showcase for the talents of this pair of lovable comedians. But at times it does feel like one long showcase for their impressions of various big-name celebrities such as Mick Jagger and Marlon Brando. The scenery is gorgeous and there are laughs aplenty, but it feels like the plot is a little lacking in pace and structure.

But let’s face it, we didn’t come here for the plot. The Trip to Spain is definitely a movie that will keep your spirits up, and is certainly one that will have you chuckling for hours.

The Trip to Spain is on general release from August 3 with special events at Luna Leederville, Windsor Cinema and Luna on SX, Fremantle.

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