Black Swan State Theatre Company brings an uplifting and original tale about identity, family and human kindness to the stage.

At the heart of Coma Land is Penguin, a young girl who is determined to fly, but who is trapped in a dream-like world, somewhere between life and death, inhabited by people in comas who are all trying to find their way out.

Child-genius Boon is a 15-year-old prodigy, who has found herself inhabiting this strange world along with Penguin and her overprotective father. As each of the characters search for their ‘thing’ to try and find their way out of this place, Boon becomes more and more suspicious of Dad’s motives.

Writer and director Will O’Mahony has created an original, uplifting play that explores the depths of family relationships and the love between parent and child. Morgan Owen puts in an excellent performance as Penguin, bringing to life the naivety of a character who has never fully lived in the real world.

There’s a lot of humour in Coma Land, despite the story raising some dark and difficult issues. Boon and Penguin’s rapport has such energy, while Ben Sutton adds some light relief as panda Cola. The sparse, rotating set adds to the dreamlike atmosphere and at times literally offers different perspectives on the action that’s taking place.

Coma Land is a funny bright energetic piece of theatre that has at it’s heart some truly profound questions about what it is to exist.
Coma Land is at the Studio Underground at the State Theatre Centre of WA from Jul 20 to Aug 06

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Photo by Philip Gostelow

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