Artworks on display at Red Umbrella Gallery this season.

1.  Elizabeth Scott
Towards the Great Sandy | Oil on linen, 100x120cm

Artist | Elizabeth Scott was born in Western Australia and completed her visual art degree in Sydney. Elizabeth has been creating and making a living from her art for the past thirty years. Her inspiration comes mainly from a passion for the outback of Australia, and her work clearly displays this. Elizabeth’s paintings are exclusive to Red Umbrella Art Gallery.


2. Elizabeth Mavrick
Waterfall | Kiln-formed studio glass, 182x61cm

Artist | Elizabeth Mavrick was born in Western Australia and moved to Sydney in 1979 to study visual arts at the Sydney College of the Arts, graduating in 1983. Much of her signature kiln-formed work has been inspired by visits to the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of WA. Reds, oranges and blues have become key elements in her glass, as she is fascinated by the calmness and power of these colours in representing both the uniqueness and the beauty of Australia. In 2004, Elizabeth and her partner Steve Scott, created the Red Umbrella Art Gallery.


3. Vicki Sangster
The Feather | Acrylic on linen, 100x100cm

Artist | Vicki Sangster is a predominately self-taught artist whose current choice of media is acrylic paint. Over the last few years, her focus has been on maritime subjects, whether a rusty navigational marker or related sea object.Inspiration for her paintings also comes from the waterways surrounding the area where she lives. Vicki’s art expresses the sensational appetite she has for the never-ending variety of marine subjects, including the wildlife around them.


4. Alix Corte
Don’t Move | Oil on linen, 76x100cm

Artist | With a background in commercial art and publishing, Cape Town-born Alix Korte creates bold, colourful works that utilise the techniques learned in her years as a graphic designer. Inspired by the majesty and power of the sea, many of her paintings include water as she strives to capture the vibrancy and dynamism of life both above and below the surface. Her love of animals is evident in her many portrayals of working dogs, farm animals and sea creatures. Using bold brushstrokes, and a selection of oil paint, thin glazes and oil pastels on canvas and pure linen, Alix’s work draws the viewer into the freedom and playfulness of the scene.


The beautiful Red Umbrella Art Gallery in South Fremantle is a must-see when in Perth. A constantly changing and evolving exhibition of local and interstate artworks is featured, including vibrant, contemporary art and studio glass, magnificent paintings, and stunning sculptures. The owners’ passions lead them to exhibit artworks reminiscent of the ocean, the tropics and the red deserts and rock formations of this ancient land that is our home. Conveniently located on Fremantle’s free CAT bus service route, the gallery is only 1.5km south of the Fremantle City Centre. Visit the welcoming gallery, and enjoy a coffee or cake at one of the many adjacent cafes.

255 South Terrace, South Fremantle
(08) 9335 3422,

Christmas Exhibition Until December 24, 2015

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