The world’s happiest animal is celebrating a birthday, and everyone is invited! Rottnest Island are hosting an island-wide, month-long birthday party for the insta-famous marsupial, featuring treasure hunts, special activities, live music and wildlife events.

As spring arrives, baby Quokkas begin to emerge from their mothers’ pouches, so it’s the perfect chance to see the adorable animals in an even tinier and cuter size!

Each Saturday this month will feature a big party, with DJs, musicians, party games and other activities which are perfect for children and families. On top of that, cosy up each weekend with evening bonfires and twilight quokka tours on Friday and Saturday Nights. Keep an eye out for ‘Chokka’ the Quokka, who will be placed around the island as part of an exciting, kid-friendly treasure hunt.

Wednesdays are for the wildlife lovers, including walking tours, photography workshops and wildlife talks, all designed to highlight the best natural aspects of the A-Class Nature Reserve just across the pond from Perth.

Same-day travel and admission to the island is free throughout September for children under 12, making it even easier to visit the new baby Quokkas as they ‘spring’ from their pouches.

For more information, check out the website here:

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