The fashion blogger at What’s the Goh has devoted fans for her sleek style, quirky minimalism and epic fringe. Who better to say where we should shop in Perth?

How would you describe your style?
My style is quite varied, and changes with my mood. But I really do love Japanese designers, so I guess it’s loosely based on the Japanese aesthetic.

What are the items on your winter wish list?
Versatile, black, leather ankle boots are on the top of my list – I’m sure Dilettante will have an awesome pair. There’s also an awesome textured black bomber in ShopGoh [her new online store,] that I’m eyeing at the moment, but we only have two of them in stock, so I’m trying really hard to leave them for customers!

Where do you head for a bargain?
Zomp – they always have a great sale section.

Dilettante. Photography by Jedda Andrews.


If you had a limitless budget, where would you go to splurge?
Dilettante, for sure!

Weirdest place you’ve scored a gem?
Sussan is not my vibe at all, but I followed my mum in there once and found the cutest white cotton nightie.

What does the Perth shopping scene need more of?
I would love to see more eclectic, independent boutiques pop up.

Any local designers you’re loving right now?
Poppy Lissiman and One Fell Swoop.

Best shop for:
Casual clothes –
Cocktail dresses – Dilettante
Jewellery – Cultstatus
Homewares – Ricarda
Shoes – Zomp

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