“If Elle Macpherson can use a Power Plate then so can I.” Scoop editor Clare Ryan road tests a Power Plate.

If Elle Macpherson can use a Power Plate then so can I. The list of benefits is endless – think reduced cellulite and increased bone density, not to mention muscle and strength improvement. The vibrating machine can be used by anyone of any age, and the low-impact exercises mean that it’s great for balance and coordination. The vibration causes muscles to contract in a natural stretch reflex 25 to 50 times per second. I tested a quick 30-minute class with Angela Thorne of Empowered Body Training in Wembley, and I was amazed at how quick the class went. She runs through each exercise with you and accommodates any injuries. She even has specific strength and conditioning classes for people needing to build up leg strength for a skiing holiday. As someone off to the slopes in Japan in the New Year, I decided to get the lowdown on what was involved. “The classes are recommended for six weeks, twice a week,” says Angela. “It provides conditioning for the core and the legs to help reduce the risk of injury. The class focuses on the instability created with Acceleration Training to rapidly increase dynamic stability, making you more powerful, with notable advances in strength, circulation, stamina and overall fitness levels. At Empowered Body Training, we will have you ready for alpine challenges in no time at all.” Book a class online at empoweredbodytraining.com.au, or call (08) 9387 6564.

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