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Author: Tatum Stafford

PICA is renowned for presenting works of controversy, innovation and intrigue from artists all over the world, evident in its exciting upcoming spring/summer lineup. Exploring fascinating, and often, graphic, aspects of the human body and anatomy in this program of exclusive events that will provide a gripping insight into how humans seek to function, cooperate and relate within today’s modern climate.

Upcoming events

Curated by Eugenio Viola, PICA’s senior curator, witness Olga Cironis’ most ambitious project to date as she navigates layers of research and rituality within her Greek, Czech and Australian heritage. Visitors are invited to enter, observe and engage with Cironis as she boldly explores the theme of voicelessness through a participatory moulding project in PICA’s Westend Gallery.

Venue: PICA’s Westend Gallery, Dates: October 20th – December 23rd

HyperPromethus: The Legacy of Frankenstein

Commemorating the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, this presentation seeks to re-contextualise the text for a modern audience within the realms of biological and contemporary arts. Selected artworks tackle ideas of life and death, synthetic biology, the responsibility of creators and more within this exploration of the limits of artistic and scientific information.

Venue: PICA Central Galleries, Dates: October 20th – December 23rd

Stickman / miniStickMan

Presented by Stelarc, this interactive installation impressively actuates a full-body exoskeleton. During a 5 hour performance, visitors are encouraged to insert their own looping choreography by moving the limbs of the miniStickMan. The physicality of the performance is modulated by the projected shadow of StickMan with its innovative video feedback.

Venue: PICA Central Galleries, Date & time: October 20th, 12pm – 5pm

What If This Was The Only World She Knew?

Kira O’Reilly writes, teaches, mentors and collaborates with humans and non-humans of various divergences to consider speculative recon gurations around The Body. In this new durational performance, O’Reilly will develop a response to PICA’s aforementioned HyperPrometheus exhibition through mediums of performance, drawings, writing and biotechnical practices.

Venue: Perth Girls School, Date & time: October 21st, 5pm – 8pm

Confusion For Three

Experience this WA premiere presented by Strut Dance exploring the physical histories of three dancers who will negotiate a progressively unravelling system of choreography. The dancers will generate hypnotic tension through explosive physicality, live music and idiosyncratic body rhythms to invite audiences to surrender to the state of confusion for ultimate revelation.

Venue: PICA Performance Space, Dates: November 15th – 17th (Post show Q&A on Friday 16th November)

Carrion: Episode 1

Meet Carrion; a mythical chimeric creature who will delve into ancient wisdoms, the mess of the present and polymorphous complexity of a speculative future. This scintillating performance presented by Justin Shoulder compels its audiences to consider post-human embodiment in our state of planetary disarray, and is part of PICA’s HyperPromethus presentation.

Venue: Connections Nightclub, Dates & time: December 7th and 8th, 8:30pm

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Image credit: Carrion #1 and #2 – Justin Shoulder, HyperPromethus – PICA Facebook, Stickman/miniStickMan – Stelarc, What If This Was The Only World She Knew? – Kira O’Reilly, Confusion of Three – Strut Dance Company
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