Perth’s first Safe Night Space has officially opened. This women’s-only centre is the first of its kind in Perth and will provide a place for women to rest, access basic facilities, seek support and connect to other services in a safe and secure environment at night.

launch of safe night house

Ruah Community Services will manage the service for the full two-year trial including supporting referral pathways to long-term, sustainable opportunities for those accessing the service. Ruah Chief Operating Officer Mark Slattery said they were really pleased to be working with the City of Perth to deliver the first Safe Night Space for women in Perth.

“We will provide shelter and safety, and that will decrease the risk of further trauma that may be experienced with sleeping rough,” Mr Slattery said.

Each night 30 women will be able to stay at the Safe Night Space. Admission will operate on an 80% referral and 20% self-presentation basis. Referrals will be processed through the homeless engagement hubs, the WA Police and Royal Perth Hospital.

The space will be available to women every night from 7pm to 7am with the space officially open for use from May 31, 2021.

For more information, please get in touch with the City of Perth team here.

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