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  Only a half-hour road trip from Perth, the Swan Valley is the ideal day trip location. We’ve used Scoop’s Favourite Feature to select a dreamy itinerary of things to do, a couple of wineries to check out and some delish foodie treats to refuel. So fire up the group chat and get your mates […]
With over 20 vineyards and wineries scattered through the undulating hills and picturesque countryside, wine tasting is a must in the Ferguson Valley. The rich low plains, gentle slopes and valleys combined with the plentiful annual rainfall- results in an ideal environment for the creation of delicious produce.
Porongurup is one of the five wine producing sub regions within the Great Southern. Despite its small size, the region offers a fantastic array of quality grapes and wines that continue to achieve great results at annual awards. Riesling is classed as the subregions elite variety; however, visitors should expect to taste exceptional quality shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir wines with intense flavours.
Situated approximately 3 hours south of Perth, Mount Barker is one of the five wine producing sub regions within the Great Southern. Renowned both nationally and internationally for Riesling, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, Mount Barker offers wine lovers the chance to taste many expertly produced classic wine varieties.
Denmark, within the Great Southern Region, is a wine region of importance with over 25 wineries producing award winning wines of distinction and diversity. The region’s wines feature on the menus of Michelin Star winning restaurants and are rated highly by world renowned sommeliers, wine writers, judges and critics.
Located approximately 360km south of Perth, Frankland River is one of Western Australia’s best kept secrets. Home to rolling hills, rich and productive farming land, natural forest and bush, the region is fast becoming one of the State’s most successful wine producing regions. Though a diverse range of grape varieties are grown across its 8 […]
Albany wine region is set in some of the most picturesque and unspoilt countryside in WA. It stretches from the Frankland River through Mount Barker, east to Denmark and west to the Porongurups and the cooler weather makes it a prime location for producing pinot noir, chardonnay and riesling. The region is home to some 26 cellar doors spread out across the countryside, so a wine tour can be a good way of making sure you don’t miss out on the hidden gems. You can also hire or bring a bike and cycle around them on the Go Taste Trail.
The region boasts a number of successful wine producers utilising varietal characteristics of the region's warm climate, gravelly soils and mild terrain to produce quality wines.
The Swan District wine region covers a vast area including all the wineries in the Swan Valley and a handful of wineries extending further north.
Stretching from the Swan Valley close to Perth through to Margaret River and the Great Southern, WA boasts the most picturesque wine regions in Australia and while the production is relatively small, the quality is outstanding. Many of the wineries are family-owned with cellar doors manned by the wine-maker, providing a unique personal experience, galleries, locally grown produce, incredible restaurants and even an old Tigermoth.
Australia’s second oldest wine region, home to more than 40 wineries, is just 30 minutes from the Perth CBD. Amongst the fresh valley air and pretty vistas you will also find five breweries, two distilleries, countless purveyors of gourmet artisan goods, handcrafted wares, bustling markets and vibrant artists’ studios.
Perth Hills is a pretty region starting just 30 minutes from the CBD, with constantly changing vistas stretching from the northeast to the southeast of Perth. The native plant vegetation grows in rich profusion, with patches of introduced exotics from Europe and elsewhere adding an unexpected contrast. Winemaking has been intermittent but on a tiny scale, dating back to the first-known winery built in the 1880s, and now includes 20+ cellar doors.
Framed by majestic karri forests, with their rich, red soil and extraordinary local produce, marron and truffles, the region has garnered a reputation as a premium food and wine destination.
The European settlement of Peel dates back to 1829, the year “Swan River Colony” was founded, Thomas Peel, brought three ships of migrants from England for the Peel Settlement Scheme. The first vineyard was established near Pinjarra in 1857. The first commercial shiraz vineyard was started by Will Nairn at Peel Estate in 1974. Shiraz remains the flagship variety of the region.
Characterised by ancient, towering karri forests, rolling farmland and cooler climate, this beautiful wine region is renowned for its widely planted pinot noir and increasingly recognised for its chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and verdelho. There are only a handful of cellar doors, all within easy distance of each other and the cooler climate styles are sure […]
The Great Southern is an immense wine region spanning 150km north to south, and 100km east to west. More than 40 cellar doors can be enjoyed in Albany, Denmark, Frankland River, Mt Barker & Porongorup. Climates range from strongly maritime influenced to moderately continental, and it’s said this combined with an ever-changing topography aids in the production of a wide variety of high quality grapes. The region however is especially renowned for riesling, cabernet and chardonnay.
The Blackwood Valley is one of Australia’s newest wine regions and also one of its most picturesque with lush pastures, majestic trees and gentle winding rivers. Nestled in the heart of the South West of WA, it is now home to 19 wine producers and 50 vineyards and 15 cellar doors with grape varieties include chardonnay, riesling, sauvignon blanc, semillion and shiraz and smaller plantings of viognier and pinot noir.
Starting 1.5 hours south of Perth and stretching from the stunning coastline to the majestic rolling hills and native bush hinterland of Ferguson Valley, Geographe is one of WA’s most captivating and diverse wine regions. Home to more than 20 boutique, mostly family-owned wineries, the region is characterised by diverse micro climates as a result of elevated rolling hills, cool sheltered valleys and mild ocean breezes off Geographe Bay.
From helicopter to bike & horse, take it easy and tour with an expert.
Boasting 100+ cellar doors, Margaret River is the most beautiful wine region in Australia, producing internationally renowned chardonnay, cabernet and semillon sauvignon blanc. The growing conditions are almost identical with Bordeaux. In 2016, James Halliday noted that Margaret River produced 14 of the top 32 cabernets, 7 of the top 10 sauvignon blanc/semillon blends and 8 of the top 30 chardonnays in Australia.

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