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Kununurra Visitor Centre

See natural wonders and rugged ridges and be awed by the magnificent Lake Argyle. From diamonds to barramundi, Kununurra has it all.

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    Welcome to the East Kimberley Top Four Natural Wonders. The East Kimberley is blessed with an abundance of natural wonders, places to explore, places to be amazed and places in which just to lose yourself and let the world go by.

    Gibb River Road

    The Gibb River Road takes the traveller through the heart of the Kimberley and to some of the most remote areas of the world, so it is important to plan your trip, take your time and please ensure your vehicles are properly prepared and you carry the appropriate spares. The Gibb River Road, the Kalumburu Road and the Port Warrender Road to the Mitchell Plateau are recommended four wheel drive only and any trailer / van must be specifically built as off road.

    Lake Argyle / Ord Valley

    The 1960's and 70's were the defining decades that saw enormous development in the East Kimberley region with the construction of the Diversion Dam and  Argyle Dam.  Argyle Dam is the largest man made water storage structure in the Southern hemisphere and holds, in water volume, the equivalent of 22 Sydney Harbours.  The Diversion Dam and Lake Argyle provide the water supply for the Ord Irrigation scheme, a scheme of enormous agricultural potential. Today in the Valley the major crops are Sugar cane, Mangoes, a wide variety of melons, Sandlewood and seed crops.

    The Lakes and waterways created by the completion of the two dams provide a wide range of leisure and recreational uses to locals and visitors alike from water skiing, fishing, canoeing and boating and also numerous tourist operators offer an extensive variety of tours, cruises and accommodation options. Try your luck at fishing, do a bit of "croc" spotting or simply let the world float by. The Kununurra Visitor Centre can advise on all there is to see and do while enjoying the lakes and rivers in the region.

    Bungle Bungles / Purnululu

    The Bungle Bungle Range that make up Purnululu National Park are renowned for the striking sandstone domes, striped with orange and grey bands. Purnululu is the name given to the area by the local Kija people. The area covers nearly 240,000 hectares. The unusual sandstone and conglomerate rock structures are estimated to be 350 million years old. The Bungle Bungle Ranges were world heritage listed in 2003 and has established itself as an iconic Western Australia 'must see'.

    The Park has numerous walks and places of interest, with two camping grounds for those wishing to extend their stay and take the time to experience all that this unique part of the world has to offer. Numerous tours and accommodation options are available from within the Park and can be arranged at the Kununurra Visitor Centre. All visitors are required to purchase a Park Entry permit from either the Kununurra Visitor Centre or the CALM Ranger station located within the Park. An entry fee and camping fee apply.

    Argyle Diamonds

    Argyle Diamonds are the largest diamond producing mine in the world and in conjunction with a local Kununurra tour operator offer ground tours of the mine on a fly in basis only. The 4 hour tour takes you through the mine site including the open cut, the various diamond extraction and processing stages, the mine control  facility, an diamond display room and to top it off, lunch is provided at the mine mess area which is more like a restaurant. Argyle Diamonds play a major role in the Kununurra community with support and sponsorship of various East Kimberley events.

        * Scenic Flights in the East Kimberley
        * Mitchell Falls
        * Natures Window
        * The Bluff

    If an adrenalin rush is what gets you going, here is a selection of adventure activities in the East Kimberley that will get your heart pumping and your pulse racing.

    Rock Climbing and Abseiling

    Experience the thrill of hanging off a rope high above the ground, or forget the rope and just participate in some rock climbing. The East Kimberley has some of Western Australia's best rock climbing and abseiling locations so if this form of hair raising activity is for you, contact the Kununurra Visitor Centre and let us organise a professional guide to get you out there onto the rock face.


    Take a two or three day canoe trip from the Lake Argyle Dam Wall down the 55 kilometres into Lake Kununurra. Camp at night under a million star studded night sky and be in awe of the sheer rock walls of Carlton Gorge. Take a cooling swim or even catch a sooty grunter or barramundi. While paddling at your leisure, introduce yourself to the local flora and fauna that call the river home - fresh water crocodile, fruit bats, wallabies and an array of bird life too numerous to mention. The Kununurra Visitor Centre will be only too happy to book a canoe or two for you, or if you wish, bring your own.

    Fishing and Boating

    Just imagine you're in a boat anchored off a snag in the Ord River watching a majestic sea eagle wheeling overhead while dreaming of catching that once in a life time trophy size Barramundi. All of a sudden there is a solid hit on the bait and a huge whopping barra clears the water and shakes his head in defiance of being hooked. The barra pulls hard in one direction and you pull hard in the other as a dramatic struggle between fish and man is played out over the next ten minutes. Love fishing? Give the friendly staff at the
    Kununurra Visitor Centre a call and we can book you on that trip of a life time. The East Kimberley has a whole range of fishing options and some of the best professional fishing guides to take you where the big barra are. Might even get your face on a photo like this one.

    Bush Walking and Trekking

    The rugged ranges surrounding Kununurra offer a wide variety of bush walking options. Organised tours are available for those who wish to go that little bit further for that little bit longer guided by knowledgable, well trained and professional guides. For the walker who wants to get totally away from it all, the remote areas of the Berkeley River, The King George Falls and Mitchell Plateau offer adventure bushwalking into areas considered some of the remotest in Western Australia. Experience thousands of years old Aboriginal rock art sites, walk into huge waterfalls or stand above the rugged Kimberley coast. The Kununurra Visitor Centre is only too happy to advise you of your options and we can book your once in a life time adventure bushwalk for you.

    Helicopter and Floatplane flights

    There is a sudden rise in your pulse rate as the chopper lifts off the ground and speeds off into the big beyond. Experiencing the Bungle Bungle Ranges from a doorless chopper definitely gives you that 'flying by the seat of your pants' feeling and is a fantastic way to see the amazing Purnululu landscape laid out before you.
    Taking off from the water by floatplane is another experience altogether - the rest of the flight over lakes, rivers and ranges is the extra bonus of the flight. For all your East Kimberley flight bookings call the Kununurra Visitor Centre.


    Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley