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Where else can you stroll along one of 63 secluded beaches (during peak season), take a quokka selfie, receive a massage from a Balinese masseuse that has worked on professional athletes and retire to a beach-front restaurant with cocktail in hand, all in one day?
WA's offshore islands are a paradise for birdwatchers as many of the birds aren't exposed to most of the predators found on mainland. These islands are home to an extensive range of beautiful birds and seabirds, as well as some quintessentially Australian flora and fauna.
WA's South is a biodiverse hotspot with more than 350 species of birds native to the region and a dozen species endemic to the area. Visitors can enjoy sightings of famous Carnaby's black cockatoos, Western Corellas and friendly pink and grey galahs.
The coastal stretch from Bunbury to Busselton is packed with opportunities to head out on the water for boating, wreck-exploring and whale watching. Packed with boat ramps, beaches and sheltered bays, the region perfectly caters for boating enthusiasts and amateurs alike.
Home to stunning reefs, brilliant shorelines and inviting tropical climates, WA’s Northern Coastline offers the perfect setting for a fantastic boating experience, from commercial ferries to charter boats.
The majority of Perth's beautiful islands are an easy day trip from the Perth metropolitan area, offering scenery, wildlife and weather that make for an idyllic and adventurous boating experience.
There is a massive boating population in WA due to its stunningly vast coastline. Enthusiasts are spoilt with beautiful islands, archipelagos and reefs to explore all the way up and down the state - not to mention some unprecedentedly untouched coastal views that must be seen to be believed.
Birdwatchers in WA can spot more than half of the 800 or so species of birds in Australia, including several species that are endangered or threatened. Overall, the state is blessed with rarely explored landscapes in which twitchers can admire the birds close range.
WA's North is world famous for its spectacular birdlife, with over 310 species recorded in the region. Excellent birding can be had throughout the year, and as the wet season rarely affects access to prime birding areas, visitors can expect to see a multitude of beautiful birdlife all year round.
Hit the open road to discover the true beauty of inland WA at Karijini, one of Australia's largest and most spectacular national parks. Follow the trails, descend into cavernous gorges, cool off in inviting pools beneath plunging waterfalls, or scale WA's second-highest peak, Mt Bruce, at this park of miraculous beauty and Australian history.
Bunbury, often named as the ‘City of 3 Waters’ is situated just 90 minutes from Perth and is one of the state’s largest regional cities. The laid back, seaside port city oozes a cosmopolitan edgy atmosphere, with a massive event calendar, boutique shops, street art and funky cafes dominating the CBD. It is however, the […]
Enjoy the pristine waterways of one of Margaret River's most popular pastimes.
The southwest has the best of both worlds with too many beaches to count on the coastline and countless towering forests to explore inland. Spring is the best time to 4WD down south whilst there is still plenty of mud and the wildflowers are in bloom.
With an abundance of abandoned mine tracks in the Golden Outback including some that aren’t even on the map, this region suits 4WDers with an itch to explore, suiting every level of 4WDers.
The North-West provides a diverse range of 4WDing trails featuring stunning gorges, historical landmarks and natural parks.
Explore the colossal dunes in the southwest, manoeuvre along abandoned tracks that weave through the outback remnants of the state’s mining history, or find a deserted beach to camp beneath the stars. Go where few travellers have gone before and immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape WA has to offer.
Discover the diverse landscapes and hidden treasures of WA with the traditional custodians of this land. There is a range of tours encompassing mudcrabbing, hunting and rock art.
The West Australian coastline is home to several of the world’s most iconic surf breaks and travel destinations, including Margaret River and Gnaraloo. That’s what happens when you combine a population of 3 million people, a 10,000km coastline and massive swells rolling in from the Indian and Southern Oceans. From Broome to Esperance, for beginners and big wave surfers, there’s something for everyone.
See another side of ‘ancient’ in the Kimberley and experience magnificent wilderness through the eyes of the indigenous Miriuwung people.
Along the WA coast in late winter and spring, the Golden Outback is passes through during their annual migration. Take a drive along the Great Ocean Drive or walk the trail to a lookout and spot the whales. From July to October, whales pass through the Recherche Archipelago. Take a whale-watching tour that heads out […]
From whale nurseries to cliff-top lookouts, the South-West provides you with a generous number of viewing points to witness the whales as they migrate up North. There’s a whale nursery 65km east of Bremer Bay, so the coastal town has plenty of land-based viewing options. Head into Fitzgerald National Park where there are purpose-built whale-watching […]

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