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Experience an intimate queer kaleidoscope, fusing live alchemy, participatory performance, and verbatim storytelling.

  • Dates:28 Jan - 1 Feb
  • Time(s):7.30pm
  • Venue:Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
  • Festivals:Fringe Festival


  • Hosted By:Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
  • Venue Address:Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 51 James Street, Northbridge WA 6003
  • Ticket Price FROM:$22
  • Ticket price TO:$26
  • Venue:Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
  • Audience:Adults,Wheelchair Access
  • Festivals:Fringe Festival


Eclectic experimental artist Daley King lays bare the stories behind the lip shade, sharing the engrossing anecdotes and fascinating insights of a diverse community of humans. Vividly dissecting the zeitgeist of lipstick, Lipstuck examines its history as both a tool of body politics and a weapon of oppression. A bright rainbow light in a black and white world, Lipstuck fights back against the binary and the systems that determine how you live your body and your life.

Praise for Daley King’s Hold Your Breath (Count To Ten).

“Daley delivers the audience into an almost euphoric state as we achieve a baptism into the world of self-acceptance. Four and a half stars” The Fourth Wall, 2018.

Initial concept developed at KISS club 2019 with PICA and pvi collective.


Zoë Coombs Marr – Agony! Misery!
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YUCK Circus | Fringe World 2020
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Ting Lim - A Rice Odyssey
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The Stories of Swing | Fringe World Event (SWINGIN' AT THE SAVOY)
The Soundtrack Of Life - Volume 2
The Soul Review - The Songs Of James Brown Feat Erik
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The Sandman & Flacco Tribute Show (All Original Cast!)
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The Killdeer: A Musical
The Killdeer: A Musical
The Hilary Duff Film Re-Enactment Festival
The Greatest Magic Show!
The Great American Songbook Part 2
The Gong Show
The Girly Game
The Flaming Galahs: Great Australian Songbook
The Eulogy
The Double Bass
The Dolly Parton Story
The D & Me: An Intimate Cabernet
The Cuban Young Guns - Live From Havana!
The Choir Of Man
The Bureau Of Untold Stories
The Breast Of The Fest - A Melbourne Comedy Showcase
The Big Hoo-Haa!
The Best Man In Ireland
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The Aspie Hour
The Ashes: A Comedy Showdown
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Sonny Yang's Incredibly Stupid Adventure Game
Singalong To The Songs Of Scotland
Silent Disco | Fringe Central
Silent Disco
Sideshow Femmes
She'll Be Right: A Tradie Cabaret
Shahnameh: Songs Of The Persian Book Of Kings
Shades Of Buble: A Three-Man Tribute To Michael Buble
Sessions At Fremantle Church
Sense & Spontaneity The Musical
Selfless Orchestra: Great Barrier
Scarlet Affaire: Late Night Lust
Scarborough's Sensational Storytime
Sassafras: An Evening Of Gypsy Swing
Sandeep Totlani - The Curry Monster
Sam Taunton - Rooster
Sam Simmons - Funt
Round And Round
Rose Callaghan: Cursed Trainwreck Cheap Comedy Show
Rory Lowe - Chill Bill
Riff City
Rickshaw Scavenger Hunt For Kids
Rich Bitch At Rubix Bar
Rich Bitch At Comedy Hub @ Rosie O'Grady's
Red Light Confidential At The Ellington Jazz Club
Red Light Confidential At 7Th Ave Bar & Restaurant
Rabbithole | VR
Queer Jazz
Purple People Comedy & Circus
Puppetry Of The Penis - The Best Bits Tour Live!
Primo Loco
Prehysterical At Woodside Pleasure Garden
Poms Die In Hot Cars
Playtime 3: More Than Twice Is A Habit
Pirates!! | Woodside Pleasure Garden
Pirates!! | Fringe Central
Peter Combe In Brush Your Hair With A Toothbrush!!
Perth Writers Salon
Onstage Dating at Girls School
Once Upon A Fractured Fairytale
Oliver Coleman: Poolside
Odes To Summer
Novelty Act
No Hero With Stuart Lightbody
Nina, Love Simone - Simone Craddock & Adrian Galante
Nikki Britton - One Small Step
Nick O'Connell - Those Who Can, Those Who Can't
Nath Valvo - Chatty Cathy
Murders On The Nile
Mr Snot bottom's Horrible Terrible Really Really Bad Bad Show
Movin' Melvin Brown - Y R U Laughing - An American Music Story
Move & Assemble
Monski Mouse's Baby Disco Dance Hall
Milko's Flea Circus
Michael Shafar - Getting Better
Michael Griffiths: By Request
Maureen: the Harbinger of Death
Matt Davis: Badfamiliar | Briefing Room At Girls School
Matt Davis: Badfamiliar | Art Room At Girls School
Magnus' Explosion Laboratory 2: Electric Boogaloo
Logy Logan
Late Night Karaoke
L.I.A.R. (Life Is A Rehearsal)
Krishna Istha: Beast
Kieran Bullock Builds Ikea Furniture On Stage And Talks To The Audience
Kiara With A K: That Jazz
Kevin Quantum: Trick Trick BOOM
Karen From Finance Is Out Of The Office
Josh Glanc: Work In Progress
Josh Glanc: Glance You For Having Me
Jordan Anthony - This Is Me!
Jon Pinder: Tattoo Boy At The Balmoral Hotel
Jon Pinder: Tattoo Boy
Jester Hawk International Sensation
Jeff Green: Wombat Combat And Other Mistakes
Jamie Mykaela: Daddy
Jack Gow: Just A Small Town Boy
Impromptunes - Tune Your Own Adventure
Impromptunes - The Completely Improvised Musical
I'm Booored
I Was Birthed From An Egg In A Crater On Uranus
Hudson Valley Ruins
Hands Some Feet
Hands Some Feet
Halal?.. Is It Meat You're Looking For?? | Umar Azad
Gone Girls
Golden Age Girls
Gingzilla: Live & Loud
Geraldine Hickey - What A Surprise
Gender Blender Burlesque 2
Ganify: Funhouse Mirror Machine
Game On 2.0!
Funky Town - Hits Of The 70s, 80s & 90s At The Corner Bar
Fuego Carnal
Fringe World Mermaids Splash Zone
Fringe Noir Flicks
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Felicity Groom | Galactagogue | Burj Khalifa
Facundo Herrera: Thalidomide
Eurydice - Pleasure Garden
Eurydice - Girls School
Empire Club
Elliot Bibby: Magic In A Jiffy
Eleanor Stankiewicz: Nana-stasia
Drumming In The Park: Family Fun For All Ages Hosted By Wcms
Drag Diva Spectacular Cabaret
Drag & Drag: Good Art, Bad Men
Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School
Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School
Dome Date Night
Dolly Diamond's Bl*Nkety Bl*Nks
Divas - The Drag Revue
Discharged! (Number 2S)
Dirty Tattooed Circus Bastards: The Prison Years
Dirty Tattooed Circus Bastards - The Prison Years
Dirty Hoo-Haa!
Desire Lines
Death In The Golden Triangle
Days of our Hives by Alanta Colley
Damien Power
Cultural Renegades
Crookie! A Mystery Musical Presented By Drug Aware
Claire Sullivan: Toast Rat
Cat Concerts | Fringe World Festival 2020
Cat Concerts
Casting Off
Captain Spaceship: The Return Of Captain Spaceship
Camp 2
Cam Venn - Shark Heist
Cabaret Consultations 2020
Bubble Show For Adults Only
Boys Taste Better with Nutella
Body Rights
Blue Water Vaudeville
Billy D'arcy - Anxiously Arrogant At The Comedy Hub
Beyond: The Magic Of Ming Da
Best of Fringe: Early Show - Fringe World 2020
Bernie Dieter's Little Death Club
Bald Man Sings Rihanna
Baba Yaga's Dream Yurt
Australia: A Whinging Pom's Guide
Attenborough And His Animals
At Least There'll Be Food...
Astounding Women Of Valour
Ashlee Brown: Millennial Fatigue
Ashes: A Comedy Showdown
Are You Still Mad At Us? | Stables Bar
Are You Still Mad At Us? | Alex Hotel
Are You Kid-ing Me?
Airy Botter & The Sorcery School Headmaster's Office Escape Room
Adults Only Magic Show
Absurdly Yours: Doorway Cabaret
Absurdly Kids: Doorway Cabaret
Abracadabra And Other Useless Magic Words
A Young Man Dressed As A Gorilla Dressed As An Old Man Sits Rocking In A Rocking Chair For Fifty-Six
A Special Day
A Simple Space 2020
A Disney Tribute: Once Upon A Teaser At The Pleasure Gardens
A Cult For You
A Boy Named Cash: Volume II
A Bookish Comedy Show
80s Mixtape
2 Nuts For Dick Tricks: A Dirk Darrow Investigation
2 Englishmen & An Aussie
2 Comedians Are Better Than 1
1-On-1 Snakes In The Garden
12 Films Heart
1000 Layer Cake
100 Years Of The History Of Dance As Told By One Man In 60 Minutes With An Energetic Group Finale
100 Years Of The History Of Dance As Told By One Man In 60 Minutes With An Energetic Finale
100 Years of Crazy Blues - Simone Craddock Combo ft Adrian Galante
‘Lucid Dreams' By Pierre Ulric
(Un)Written · (Un)Heard
(Not) The Bachelor Live On Valentine's Day Hosted By Luke Bolland
#Relatable At Perth Mess Hall
#Relatable At Beer & Cider Garden
"Strip" Wrecked!


James Street Amphitheatre
An Unexpected Variety Show (Award Winning Comedy/Cabaret)


  • Venue:Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
  • Address: Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 51 James Street, Northbridge WA, 6003,Northbridge,WA,6003
  • Phone: (08) 9228 6300
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:http://pica.org.au/