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Kimberley Coastal Camp

Australia’s ultimate wilderness retreat. So remote your taxi is a helicopter, you’ll never forget this wondrous place. Spectacular fishing, ancient rock art and gourmet food are just the beginning…


  • Capacity:12
  • Type:Lodge,Retreats
  • Facilities:Pool,Restaurant



A benchmark for wilderness development with access only by helicopter, it would be hard to find a place that intrudes less on its surroundings. As you step onto the white beach ‘doorstep’ at Kimberley Coastal Camp, you feel like you are one of very few people for hundreds of kilometers. You are. In keeping with our remoteness, we accommodate a maximum of only 8-12 so you are never just 'one of the crowd', but honoured guests in an intimate atmosphere where your needs are paramount; not the demands of a pre-set itinerary.

The Creature Comforts

KCC has many amenities not usually expected in remote locations. Your ‘room with a view’ has a king double bed (or twin singles), 24 hour electric light, flyscreens, curtains for shade and privacy and a big ceiling fan. Our unique private bathrooms are built against a huge natural rock wall. One guest dubbed them the most photographed loos in the west.

Bella is passionate about food and it shows. Based on lots of fresh ingredients, homemade breads and often your own “catch of the day”, her meals are famous in the Kimberley for both their quality and quantity. We can cater for special diets on request.


Kimberley Coastal Camp offers a luxurious alternative to other fishing camps. With a choice of fishing from 5.0 m tenders or Warabi, our 7.5 m purpose built and surveyed vessel, we have all the options covered.

Spend your days fishing for the fabled barramundi in a mangrove creek or out in the clear water chasing queenfish, mackerel or tuna. Anchor off a coral reef to catch a coral trout or bluebone – or just relax in the shade and watch the action. Because we live here, Rocky and the fishing guides know all the secret spots.

Rock Art

Kimberley Coastal Camp is at the centre of one of the world’s finest repositories of indigenous rock paintings – many only a short walk from the camp or the boat. Marvel at the elegant and ancient Gwion Gwion (Bradshaw) paintings whose origins are lost in time. Sit in a cave decorated with thousands of tiny paintings – and others guarded by huge Wandjinas with their radiating headdresses. Visit ceremonial sites which continue to have great significance to our traditional landowners. We are incredibly fortunate to have access to these extraordinary sites which remain untouched by the ravages of uncontrolled visitors or vandalism.


We have established a number of walking tracks from the camp, which cater for everything from a gentle stroll to a challenging all day hike. Billabongs, caves, birds, wildlife and rock art are all a feature. A short cruise by boat from the camp are numerous untouched beaches and islands where guests can go ashore and explore, picnic under a boab tree, find a special shell or piece of coral, or just enjoy the view. Walks are fully guided by our knowledgeable staff.

Birds, Wildlife and the Stunning Landscape

Because of our unique location, we have access to a number of different habitats - either by land or sea – so you can get to know the local birds, wildlife, bush tucker and medicines first hand. KCC is an ideal base for keen birdwatchers, naturalists, painters and photographers. The opportunities are endless for anyone with an eye for an unusual or stunning shot. Just tell us what you are after and we’ll help you find it.

How to get there?

Kimberley Coastal Camp is located on the eastern side Admiralty Gulf near the Mitchell Plateau in the far north Kimberley region of Western Australia. We have no road access and all our guests fly in by chopper from the Mitchell Plateau. This flight in itself is often one of our guests’ most memorable moments!

If you are driving up to the Mitchell Plateau, packages include helicopter transfers from the Plateau to land on the beach at KCC.

Most of our guests choose a package which includes light aircraft flights from Kununurra (minimum 2), Broome or Darwin (4, 8 or 12 passengers) to the Mitchell Plateau – followed by the chopper “taxi”.

Packages Include:

Accommodation and all meals (see Creature Comforts above)

Fully guided activities. We don’t have any pre-set itineraries because all our guests are different. You can choose from fishing, bush walking, exploring deserted islands and beaches, visiting ancient rock art sites, learning about our natural and cultural history – or a combination of all or some of these.

Scenic air transfers by light plane and/or helicopter from your choice of departure point.

Fishing tackle is supplied on a replace if lost basis – or you are welcome to bring your own favourite gear.

Alcoholic drinks. So you get exactly what you prefer to drink, we ask you choose from our comprehensive beverage list on booking. We have this delivered to the Camp and in the fridge for your arrival. This is a complimentary service charged ‘at cost’, usually ending up cheaper than hotel or restaurant prices.

When to come to Kimberley Coastal Camp:

We are open during the Kimberley dry season from late March to September each year.

If our great fishing is a major attraction try to come during neap tides, usually the best fishing tides at KCC. Briefly, if you are coming for say 6 nights then aim at arriving about 5 days after a full or new moon. We have all the details so just ask. The best barramundi fishing is traditionally just after the wet season in April and May. However, we still catch the elusive barra right through the season - along with all those other tropical species the Kimberley is famous for.

If walking and exploring is more your thing, then June, July and August are cooler with temps in the low 30s during the day (until the beautiful cool sea breeze arrives around lunchtime) and getting down under 20 at night.


We accommodate very few guests so you get to experience our beautiful patch of remote wilderness without meeting hundreds of other people - and feeling like the wilderness has disappeared somewhere else. Our priority is also to maintain the pristine nature of the country and minimise our ecological footprint.

Availability depends on how many in your group and how long you wish to stay. If you are interested in finding out about specific dates (or a range of dates) please send us some details and we’ll be happy to help. Remember that the good fishing tides get booked out very early and cancellations are rare events!