People come far and wide to Subiaco to meet and have yarn at one of Perth’s only boutique wool and haberdashery stores, which has been going strong for the last 40 years.

With hundreds of balls of brightly coloured yarn blanketing the walls from floor to ceiling, entering Crossways Wool & Fabric is like stepping into a craft-lover’s dreamworld. One of Subi’s most iconic stores, they have over 10,000 different yarns, threads, buttons, and fabrics in stock.

Only a handful of stores dedicated to haberdashery and yarns still exist in Perth. People order from across the state and even from over east because many of the yarns and items aren’t available anywhere else. Yarns range from the more affordable, everyday kind to luxury, high-end varieties costing up to $44 a ball – they have even had yarns spun from camel and possum!

With a passion for supporting local designers and craftspeople, most of their yarns are sourced from Australian suppliers, and many are hand-dyed. Owner Thea Mallis is the store’s 4th owner, and it has had three different homes within the retro Crossways shopping centre over the years, moving to its current location so that it could spread out and meet demand.

“Knitting and crocheting is so good for the mind and the soul,” Thea says, noting that they have been consistently busy even through COVID.

“People love to re-use and recycle, and handmade is really coming back into fashion. At least 60% of our customers are working on something to give to someone as a gift.”

Crossways Wool & Fabric also offer workshops and classes throughout the week, which they are hoping to start again in September. During the week, these are more social, with people bringing in their own projects and getting together to catch up over two-hour sessions. Over weekends, they run four-hour workshops where everyone from beginners to experienced knitters and crocheters can come to develop their skills. As a beginner, in your first lesson you can expect to learn the basics to crocheting or knitting through making smaller items such as granny squares, before moving on to make whatever your heart’s desire.

Thea says that it’s the good, old-fashioned service that has kept them going over the years – a level of service that you don’t get anywhere else, with the team happy to help guide you through your project from start to finish. If you find yourself getting tangled, you are welcome to come back into the store and they’ll help you work through the knots.

Crossways Wool & Fabric
Shop 15, Crossways Shopping Centre, 180 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
Mon-Fri, 9am-5.30pm & Sat, 9am-4.30pm
(08) 9381 4286

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