The re-opening of bars and restaurants in Perth sadly comes just a little too late for a celebratory cocktail on World Cocktail Day this Wednesday, May 13. Luckily for us, the talented bartenders at Andy Freeman’s Sneakers & Jeans family have provided us with the recipes behind some of their most popular signature cocktails, so that we can shake them up ourselves at home!

Hadiqa, The Flour Factory, Caballitos and Varnish on King have all offered up their mixology secrets with tips on garnishing included, so you can dress it up to look just like the real deal.

“It’s a significant day for bartenders around the world – giving a nod to our craft, our passion, our profession” said Sneakers & Jeans Group Bars Manager, Jamie Passmore.

“In the past, it’s a day we’d create and prepare a special drink – or an old favourite – to make for our guests; and our regulars would come in to acknowledge the day, appreciate a great drink at the venue and share a yarn and maybe even a cheeky whiskey too.”

So, while we can’t gather around the bar-counter just yet, check out these iconic cocktail recipes and celebrate World Cocktail Day with a delicious cocktail at home. You can also check out the takeaway offerings from each venue here.

Floral Margarita – Caballitos

Ingredients: 30ml Don Julio Blanco, 15ml Triple Sec, 5ml Maraschino, 30ml lime juice, 15ml berry tea syrup.

To make your own Berry Tea syrup just place 3 tea bags of your choice in 250ml boiling water for 5 mins. Squeeze teabags hard, add 150g sugar and dissolve. Allow to cool and store in the fridge for when you need it.

Method: Shake up with ice for 15 – 20 seconds and then strain into a chilled coupe glass.
Garnish: As many florals as you can get your hands on – the more colourful, the better!

Rosé Crush – Hadiqa

Ingredients: 30ml Tanqueray gin, 90ml Vasse Felix Rosé, 15ml Giffard Pomegranate syrup, 10ml lemon juice, 1 tsp pomegranates or frozen berries.

Method: Build into a wine glass over lots of crushed ice.
Garnish: Mint leaves and florals.

Autumn Seasonal Negroni – The Flour Factory

Ingredients: 30ml Cacao cold-drip Tanqueray Sevilla, 20ml Lustau Rosso Vermouth, 20ml Ruby Red Bitter, 2 dash Fee Bros Black Walnut bitters.

Method: Stir down in a chilled tumbler over a big block of ice.
Garnish: Orange twist and wattle seed tuille, or alternative decorative sugar wafer.

So-B(OULEVARDI)ER –  Varnish on King

Ingredients: 30ml Lyre’s American Malt, 20ml Monin Bitter, 20ml Lyre’s Aperetif Rosso.

Method: Stir well over ice, strain into a chilled rocks glass over a big ice cube.
Garnish: Fancy orange twist garnish.


More details on each bar below


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