Pull on an apron, pick up a brush and grab a glass for an afternoon of creativity and chardonnay at Subiaco’s brand new 4 Sista’s Sip and Paint art studio on Rokeby Rd.

Sip and Paint is a big thing in the East Coast, but not so big in Western Australia, yet!

In early October, sisters Tracey, Suz, Liz and Sal opened the 4 Sista’s Sip and Paint art studio, promising an afternoon (or evening) of art whist indulging on wine and delicacies from a charcuterie board. We couldn’t resist and signed up for a three-hour Saturday afternoon session.

The studio is small and all 33 seats were taken. The day starts with a glass of wine and a quick brief from the artist instructor before we went to work on our respective easels. . For those who fear they lack an ounce of creativity in their bones, local artists are there to guide you every step of the way and ensure you achieve your artistic vision. The 4 Sista’s guarantee that by the time your three-hour class is over, you will have awakened your inner artist and leave with a masterpiece. Or if all else fails, drink enough wine and you’re bound to love your work regardless.

Photo Credit @Steph_Hayes

For a bunch of beginners, the quality of work was quite remarkable and varied. As Suz remarked, “despite everyone painting the same design, no two pieces are ever the same, and artists are encouraged to take poetic licence over their work”.

Right to left: Suzette Thomas,Tracey Jarrett, Salli Galvin
Photo Credit @Steph Hayes

According to the Sista’s, while the classes are an opportunity to let go and have fun, the painting process is an opportunity for some mindfulness meditation, and they encourage patrons to be present and in the moment. Painting also boosts concentration, confidence and provide an avenue to destress. So there really is only positive news when it comes to picking up a paintbrush.

From the paints and brushes to the canvas, nibbles and glasses of wine, everything is provided. I was amazed at how quickly the time went and after three hours was left wanting more.

Photo Credit @Steph_Hayes

‘4 Sista’s Sip and Paint’ is perfect for a group of just to head down on your own for some quiet time, glass of wine and art. Featured designs and artists are on rotation so each session is a chance to add a new range of artistry techniques to your repertoire and create some new art to hand on the wall. Or, if you are looking for somewhere to go on a first date, a night of pinot and panting is ideal for a first meet and greet, removing the awkward out of sitting face to face.

The studio is open for private and corporate functions and gift certificates are also a good idea on the lead up to Christmas.

For more information on where you can sign up to an afternoon of wine and art head to the 4Sistas Sip and Paint.

Class days and times and bookings can be made online at 4 Sista’s Sip and Paint or by calling 0498 476 123.


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