Oyster lovers rejoice! Every Thursday, Rokeby Road small bar The Boardroom do us a solid with their $2 freshly shucked oyster special.

Finding fresh oysters shucked-to-order is hard enough to find, but we don’t know anywhere else offering them at essentially half-price.

It’s also a good excuse to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat at the The Boardroom. Run by Des and his son Jordan, it’s a popular and very chilled bar for drinks and a bite to eat after work and attracts an eclectic and very social mix of locals.

Local favourites are the plump and salty oysters from South Australia, but it depends on the season and what’s the freshest available each week. If there is nothing up to standard, they simply don’t order any for that week, so you may need to call ahead.

Because their oysters are of the freshest quality, they are best enjoyed standalone, which is why The Boardroom offers them freshly shucked, with only lemon as a garnish.

Winter is the best time to indulge as oysters are in fact ‘in season’ in the winter time, producing firmer oysters with a brinier flavour.

If you have are still hungry, the Boardroom can order and serve pizza and pasta from the magnificent Delisio Pizza Romana just around the corner.

The Boardroom
94 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
Mon-Tues, 11am-12am; Wed-Fri, 9am-12am; Sat, 12pm-12am; Sun, 11am-10pm



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