Endorsed by some of Australia’s most famous chefs, Mediterranean Woodfired Ovens combines ancient knowledge with modern technology.

Cooking in a woodfired oven was once the exclusive privilege of chefs, pizza cooks and bakers.

Now, Mediterranean Woodfired Ovens (MWO) is making the joys of healthy, woodfired oven cooking accessible to everyone.

This market-leading company specialises in sophisticated woodfired ovens that are revolutionising the traditional outdoor space. Whether you have your oven placed under the pergola, by the pool, or on the balcony, it will allow you to use your outdoor entertaining space all year round.

The trademarked design of Mediterranean Woodfired Ovens’ products makes them both efficient and durable. The ovens light up quickly (within 20 to 30 minutes), are cool to touch and require no cleaning and minimal maintenance. These ovens also use very little wood and retain heat for up to 24 hours, a result
of 15 years of development.

A matter of complex physics, the ovens’ unique cooking process adds flavour and ensures every dish is delicious. A variety of cooking methods is possible, from barbecuing, roasting and grilling to smoking and baking.

Mediterranean Woodfired Ovens offers a complete service, which incorporates advice pre-sale, installation recommendations, after-sale support and cooking tuition.

Clients also receive everything they need to start cooking, including an oven door and standard flue system. A full set of handmade cooking utensils is also available.

MWO is the first to publish a woodfired oven cookbook in Australia, aptly named Getting Fired Up. This shows that MWO is passionate about woodfired cooking and sharing it with customers. Along with techniques on using your woodfired oven, the book contains 120 pages of recipes compiled by numerous chefs, including Ian Parmenter, Don Hancey and Geoff Jansz.

By combining efficiency, cost-effectiveness and good looks, Mediterranean Woodfired Ovens is taking outdoor living to the next level.


Mediterranean Woodfired Ovens
Unit 13/86-88 Erindale Road, Balcatta
Phone (08) 9240 2235; 0403 879 698
Email [email protected]
Web www.woodfiredovens.com.au


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