Blending stainless steel with quality hardwoods enables Aliquantum to create a range of beautifully designed and fabricated furniture that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Aliquantum is a latin term that simply means ‘fair price’, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience when choosing this Perth-based design and fabrication company to transform your outdoor space.

Aliquantum specialises in the blending of stainless steel and timber to create a range of internal and outdoor furnishings, matching balustrades, and screening. Its products are all custom designed and fitted.

If you are shorter than most, wider than some, or taller than a Great Dane, the company will size the furniture to accommodate your specific needs.

Aliquantum’s owner Russell Collier carefully considers the dimensions of the furnishings as well as the angle between the seat and the back of chair to provide optimum support for  the lower back.

He also places importance on creating a table that adds character to a home, and can endure not only Australia’s climate, but also the bumps and dents that make up the fabric of every day life.

The company’s designs challenge the perception of outdoor furniture, and prove versatile for both the alfresco and interior spaces of the home.

There is not a week that goes by that Russell is not developing something new, as he constantly strives to push the boundaries in design to produce a style that is distinctively different.

This is based on his 45 years of experience in woodwork, and passion to incorporate originality, functionality, aesthetics and quality in all his work.
In fact, no product is produced unless it can be guaranteed at least a ten-year ‘life span’.

Whether it is privacy screening, decking, furniture, or a combination of all, Aliquantum provides enduring finishes for all alfrescos.


Aliquantum Pty Ltd
PO Box 248, Wembley
Phone 0408 085 586
Email [email protected]
[email protected]

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