Perth has a brand new off-lead dog park, and it’s right in the heart of the CBD. Located down the Adelaide Terrace end, at East Perth’s Ozone Reserve, the park features a whole range of dog agility equipment, all designed to help exercise your furry friends.

Those familiar with the Nintendo DS game Nintendogs might recognise some of the new equipment, which includes jump bars, weave poles, a pyramid ramp, dog walk and dog-resting podium. For human companions, there are benches and a water fountain perfect for a nice rest while your dog plays. There is also a supply of dog waste bags and a convenient bin, so you don’t ever find yourself without.

Ozone Reserve is centrally located, and so is easily accessible to residents and visitors alike. The dog park was popularly requested, and is designed to provide a social opportunity to residents and endless exercise opportunities for dogs, whilst at the same time aiming to attract new visitors to the city.

The Ozone Reserve Dog Agility Park is officially open for business now, so why not take your furry friends (and human friends too!) out for a new and exciting puppy play date, whilst living out your Nintendogs agility trainer dreams.


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