Whether bringing aesthetic beauty or strategic functionality to a space, lighting plays a vital role. It adds depth and dimension, light and shade, and safety and confidence to workplaces, public areas and entertainment venues alike. Mondoluce, together with Metalight and Mialuce, embraces the diverse roles that lighting plays by providing highly functional and aesthetically brilliant solutions across a range of architectural, commercial, industrial and mining applications.

Diversity is constantly at the forefront of Mondoluce’s products and services. This is evidenced by the myriad projects to which we have contributed, through providing specific product application support to generate successful outcomes.
As part of Mondoluce’s ‘Living Showroom’, a range of products are showcased in a wide variety of projects around the Perth metropolitan area, as well as numerous country and regional areas of Western Australia.

99 St Georges Terrace – Mesatech Pty Ltd

This mid-rise tower in St Georges Terrace, Perth’s premium commercial street, has been subject to a thorough makeover. The former 1970s beige-and-brown facades have been dressed in a bold grid of iridescent cladding, with a new canopy facing onto the Terrace. Perforated gold screens, extending the full height of the tower at each corner, disengage each facade grid.

Lighting is fully integrated into the refurbishment. iGuzzini’s Trick light blade was chosen for its crisp graphic effect, projecting an illuminated outline of the bold grid. Each facade is fitted with several Trick fittings, arranged in a random pattern and programmed to occasionally reset as a different pattern. The subtle animation counterpoints the formal presence of the facade grid, adding further
interest to the observant passer-by.

The Washer, another fitting from Trick range, illuminates the gold corner screens. This small fitting is recessed into the facade’s extended arm to illuminate the expressive corners of the tower. The facade grid, visually recomposed by the night lighting, is returned to its pearlescent formality during the day. The play between both light sources is a defining feature of the design.

Architect Donaldson and Warn
Lighting Design and Electrical Engineer Flynn Talbot and Jacobs Group Australia Pty Ltd (John Poyner)
Electrical Contractor Cable Network Solutions


Photography Ron Tan.

Arthur Head, Fremantle – City of Fremantle

The City of Fremantle, striving to bolster community activities and make the city a more fun place to be, received various suggestions from public feedback sessions, one of them being to light up the cliffs at the base of the Roundhouse.
The cliffs have a tunnel that links the beach with the city, while Bathers Beach to its south attracts thousands of visitors during the summer months. It’s during this period, every Saturday, that the beach hosts a sunset market, which has been
a huge success – lighting the cliffs and the Roundhouse area that forms a backdrop to the market would further enhance its popularity, as well as improving public nighttime safety. For these reasons, the suggestion was warmly embraced.
A key consideration to the design was the desire to conceal the lighting from the general public as much as possible, and so maximise the texture of the beautiful limestone rocks. By using iGuzzini Linealuce RGB LED technology – with its facility to make use of colour – we took the opportunity during testing to try out different hues, which resulted in some amazing visuals. Public reaction has been very positive and supportive, with many declaring that they would like to see more, similar initiatives.

Lighting Design Martin Klaasen, Klaasen Lighting Design
Electrical Contractor High Speed Electrics    


Photography Ron Tan.

Mary Davies Library- City of Rockingham

The Mary Davies Library and Community Centre has not only provided Baldivis with fresh community facilities and a newfound identity, it also delivers an inspiring sensory experience to visitors. Key features of the concept for the library
and function-hall spaces are the structural trees and uninterrupted timber ceilings or ‘canopies’. The lighting design and Mondoluce’s light fittings achieve the vision of a clean, services-free ceiling by using iGuzzini Le Perroquet projector up-lights to indirectly illuminate the large, open, flexible spaces.
Set equally around each structural tree column, these expressive light fittings add to the overall design, becoming an integral part of it. This approach allows easily accessible servicing of all light fittings, even within large, open spaces and with ceiling heights of up to nine metres. The design for the new Mary Davies Library and Community Centre promotes the significance of the local community while creating a unique identity for Baldivis that is based on the local natural and rural heritage.

Architect Site Architecture Studio
Lighting and Electrical Services Consultant Engineering Technology Consultants Pty Ltd / ETC
Builders PACT Construction
Electrical Contractor ADCO Electrics


Photography Ron Tan.

Sir Joseph Banks Secondary College
– Dept of Education

Named after the famous botanist, Sir Joseph Banks Secondary College is a new public school located near the northern suburbs of Banksia Grove, Tapping and Carramar. Designed from the ground up to include state-of-the-art school facilities, its lighting plays an important role in drawing attention to the school’s focal points, while at the same time creating the necessary ambience to integrate the landscape into the modern architecture. The lighting design focuses on the aesthetic appeal of the buildings, as well as the functional and ergonomic aspects of the spaces. A range of luminaires was carefully selected to seamlessly integrate into the building environment. New technology Cree Edge LED floodlights with solar panels were used to illuminate the carpark to Australian standards while maintaining efficient design and aesthetic appeal. Cree Edge Indirect LED post-top luminaires were selected for the illumination of the general landscape area to ensure visual comfort, and iGuzzini iRoll uplighters were used to create a lighting statement to the entrance hallway of each building. iGuzzini full wall lights were installed for their performance and their halo-wash effect, to highlight the feature brickwork and architectural facade. iGuzzini Light Up lights were selected to highlight the striking architectural columns and feature walls.

Artists Mark Datodi and Steve Tepper
Architect T&Z Architects
Electrical Engineer Wood & Grieve Engineers
Builders PACT Construction    
Electrical Contractor Team Electrical   

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