Vince Garreffa from Mondos, Michael Izzi from Frank Torre and the Princi family are amongst the longest running and most renowned butchers of Perth.

We asked them to recommend their prime cuts of meat that are most likely to delight the carnivore in all of us.

White Rocks Veal

White Rocks Veal and Wagyu from Mondo Butchers

Helmed by Vince Garreffa, who is originally from Southern Calabria, Mondo Butchers is the only butcher in WA to sell the specialty “White Rocks” Veal. This veal is truly unique for two reasons: firstly, their diet consists exclusively of full-cream milk, and they are around four times the age of traditional veal when processed. Pre-COVID-19, this specialty veal had been exported around the world, used in restaurants from New York to Singapore. Nowadays, it’s almost exclusive to WA, so the high-end dish can be enjoyed by locals.

Mondo also exclusively sells Wagyu Beef sourced from Gina Rinehart’s farm. This high-end meat has been used by Nobu for their famous Teppanyaki and, with restaurants in shutdown mode, this beef is now readily available to the public, so you can get fancy with your at-home dinners!

Vince recommends you cook it simply with salt and oil, saying “the biggest crime is overdoing it”. He says that wagyu is best cooked medium to medium rare, so that the inside is warm and the fat melts.

The fat in the steak melts at 37 degrees and once melted, won’t clog up your arteries, making Wagyu healthier than lots of other beef options.

Or, if you want to try something different, Vince let us in on a tip he picked up from a Japanese woman, who taught him to dip one side of the steak in dark brown sugar before placing it on a scalding pan to cook for two and a half minutes on either side. To finish it off, just add a drizzle of soy sauce, put the lid on and cook for 30 more seconds. Voila! Juicy, flavoursome, tender Waygu steak.

If you get stuck with a recipe, you can call Mondo’s 24/7 cooking helpline (manned by Vince) on 0411 881 193.

Wagyu Beef from Gina Rinehart’s Farm

Ahead of the game, Mondo’s had already started what they call ‘Mums Club’, a pick up service where you pull up outside the butcher and your order is placed in your boot for you. Initially this was to help Mums that couldn’t leave children unattended in their cars, but it’s now being used by the wider public. To top it off, Mondo has introduced free delivery within their area on Wednesdays, or $5 delivery to other locations within reason. Plus, you can order online!

Order here

Mondo Butchers
824 Beaufort St, Inglewood WA 6052
(08) 9371 6350

Italian Porchetta

Italian Porchetta and Souvlauki Lamb from M&M Princi Butchers

M&M Princi Butchers get their meat from their own farm in Gingin. That means they often have products that no one else has, such as tripe and goat. We spoke to Rachel, daughter of owners Michele and Marissa Princi (who hail from Delianuova in Southern Italy), who told us that their speciality is Italian Porchetta, a roast crafted with their own secret herb and spice mix. The porchetta comes pre-rolled, so all you need to do is cover it in foil and cook it in the oven at 180 degrees, before cranking up the heat at the end to crisp the outsides. Caponata – a fried mixture of capscium, mushroom, eggplant, and olives with boiled potatoes on the side – goes well with this.

Their souvlauki lamb is another popular option – it’s pre-spiced and sealed in an oven bag, so all you have to do is put it in the oven on low heat for 5 hours for an easy but delicious dinner.

Rachel let us in on a little secret about butchers that offer ‘specials’ on their meats, “butchers only do specials with cheaper cuts, so you end up with bad stuff”. If meat is top quality, it doesn’t need to go on special, so keep an eye out for that trap.

Even if you haven’t been to M&M Princi Butchers before, they are the suppliers for the popular Lupo Lab in Mount Hawthorn and Ischia in Highgate, so you’ve might’ve tried it before!

In response to growing health concerns, M&M Princi Butchers are now delivering orders over $100 free within a 10km radius, and charging $10 for smaller orders.

M&M Princi Butchers
527 Fitzgerald St, North Perth
(08) 9242 5442

Chicken Schnitzel from Frank Torre Quality Butchers

Sitting pretty on Bulwer Street is Frank Torre Quality Butchers, a family run butcher that does the best chicken schnitzel in the business. Their secret?

“We make our own breadcrumbs and use eggs as the batter, whereas most places use a batter mix,” says owner Michael Izzi.

The schnitzels are available raw to cook at home, or if you fancy a lunchtime treat, they’ll be readily cooked to perfection as part of a classic roll, made right in front of your eyes.

In terms of meat, they like to do things the old school way, offering a wide variety of meats that are accessible as part of a weekly shop, as opposed to specialty items for the odd occasion.

Plus, they deliver within their area for free! All you need to do is give them a call.

Frank Torre Quality Butchers
318-322 Bulwer St, Perth
(08) 9328 7596

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