Company directors and designers Michael Del Borrello and Hamish Cockburn had a clear vision for the new Midland Brick Display Centre, and the results are stunning.

Reinvigorating a Midland Brick display space that had been subject to various updates and additions became an exhilarating challenge for Michael & Hamish Design Studio.

Located at the front entrance of Home Base Subiaco, Midland Brick had worked hard for many years to successfully service its broad clientele. However, with an evolving market and higher than ever customer expectations, Midland Brick consulted design professionals Michael & Hamish to renovate the Subiaco showroom. Together they created a unique and progressive product display space, which has become a source of inspiration for both retail clients and design professionals.

Michael & Hamish expressed its unique combination of interior and industrial design skills to transform not only the space but the process of selling bricks. The design approach led to a separation in traditional product display techniques and use of space. An emerging sense of drama and theatre became a consistent design thread throughout various iconic product displays.

The wave table exists as a dramatic suggestion of contours and curves, an elegant reflection of a paver’s ability to work with natural slopes and curves. The future wall provides a space for pure imagination; an expression of the future where new ideas, colours and textures are explored with a healthy disregard for the predictable.

An inviting and accessible boardroom in the hub of the display centre represents one of the main operational improvements. The new creative workspace area is now the display centre’s engine room where professional and retail clients engage with centre staff and exchange new ideas.

The reception counter provides the ultimate expression of a brick and pavers flexibility, where the working surface combines pavers and tinted glass for a stunning finish. The talented and knowledgeable team at Midland Brick ensured the highest level of construction detail throughout the build process.

Since opening the display centre in early 2015, Midland Brick and Michael & Hamish continue to work together to transform the space seasonally.


Midland Brick

DESIGNER | Michael & Hamish Design Studio
BUILDER | Midland Brick
BRIEF | Create a space to provide a unique and progressive approach to Midland Brick’s product display.
FEATURES | Dynamic and innovative product displays, professional boardroom/meeting room facilities, future product wall, exterior product displays, shopfront window display and seasonal merchandising displays.
LOCATION | Home Base Subiaco

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