A mesmerising, beautiful film from director Aisling Walsh exploring the life of Canadian painter Maud Dowley.

Directed by Aisling Walsh, Maudie is a beautiful story based on the life of Canadian painter Maud Dowley (Sally Hawkins) who, despite having rheumatoid arthritis, finds success with the paintings she sells from her small home in Nova Scotia.

The story follows her blossoming relationship with Everett Lewis (Ethan Hawke). It all starts in 1937 when Maud answers Everett’s call for a housemaid. Despite her new employer being cruel and reluctant to hire her at first, their relationship begins to flourish as they realise they need each other. One day, a woman stops by the house and asks Maud to paint her something to send to New York. Maud shoots to fame, visitors coming from far and wide to view her paintings at Maud and Everett’s small home.

Maudie combines stunning cinematography with a mesmerising soundtrack to really capture the essence of Maud and Everett’s story. Both lead roles give effortless, emotionally charged performances. Hawkins plays the headstrong Maud as a problem-solver, dependent on Everett’s guidance to develop and manage her business.

A thoughtful, beautiful film, Maudie shows the power that art and creativity has to enlighten the soul.

Maudie is on general release from August 24.

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