More and more local breweries are offering home delivery to support themselves after their prime form of income was slashed due to the closure of bars and restaurants. 

Breweries like Otherside Brewing Co. in Freo, Bright Tank Brewing Co. in East Perth as well as Funk Cider in the Swan Valley are hopping on the delivery train. And that doesn’t even touch the surface of the smorgasbord of breweries we have right here in Perth. So, now you can enjoy your favourite brew from the comfort of your couch, without having to lift a finger.

As we all know, the COVID-19 crisis has had a huge impact on businesses and sadly, it’s the smaller, local businesses that are likely to take the biggest hit. However, with a huge selection of craft beers now conveniently available for delivery, supporting your local has never tasted so good!

See below for our guide to breweries in Perth. Please note that it is best to check the breweries’ individual sites for delivery options, and be mindful of the government’s daily alcohol restrictions.  


Image: Otherside Brewing Co. Facebook


Explore local breweries below:

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