Artworks featured at Linton & Kay Galleries this spring.

Perth City


Winter Vines | POA Oil and acrylic on canvas, 135×215 cm

Artist | Recently Brendon Darby has explored wintery subjects, rain, moody skies, cold crisp air and the changing atmosphere, viewed through wet windows, usually at night, with a focus on the abstract qualities of these representational paintings.

Artwork | Now, however, he has turned his attention to that rare and beautiful event, the Sunshower. As the sun and rain don’t usually perform at the same time, putting this body of work together was not without its challenges. Darby’s collectors will relish this superior collection. 

Sunshower Brendon Darby November 27-December 18



Dutch Plate | POA
Oil and acrylic on canvas

Artist | Andrew Carter has been committed to the study and practice of painting and design for 38 years and holds an MFA from Yale University, USA. His design work has been seen around the world (including The Royal Ballet) and he has held 14 solo exhibitions of paintings.

Artwork | Dutch Plate is inspired by the rocks and isolation of the Great Southern Coastline. Carter chose a 17th century Dutch ship as a reference to highlight scale, distance from civilisation and the minor effects of this contact on the actual geography over the past two hundred years.

The Memory of Stone Andrew Carter November 7-29



Chop | POA
Painted ply, dimensions variable

Artist | Paul Moncrieff’s work is held by many public and private Australian collections. It evolves directly from observation and experience, metamorphosing in the studio into designed and made art objects focusing on formal juxtapositions of shaped and painted industrial surfaces.

Artwork | Chop illustrates the tension between serious and playful structures, where building blocks become angular constraints and trimmed sections of painted ply are set in formal arrangements. While containing the traces of 1970s formalism, Chop has real contemporary currency.

Counterforce Miik Green, Paul Moncrieff, Merryck Belyea November 24-December 16



Richmond River Lighthouse | POA Enamel, Perspex, plywood, metal sign
and alupanel on board, 120x90cm

Artist | Jasper Knight makes art that recalls his childhood and the industrial landscapes of Sydney: wharves, ports, boats, cars, factories; using industrial materials. Jasper’s work has blurred the boundaries between high art and amateur photography, sculpture and painting. He is a multiple Archibald, Wynne, Sulman, Brett Whiteley (and other) prize finalist.

Artwork | As seen here, Jasper’s focus is often the busy waterway, machinery at work or the remnants of an old factory; painted in blocks of colour that drip and spill over brightly coloured and shiny surfaces to give the illusion of movement in the landscape. 


Perth City: Brookfield Place, Level 1,
137 St Georges Terrace, Perth

(08) 9388 3300 or (08) 6465 4314




Parker Point | POA
Acrylic on canvas

Artist | Famous for iconic paintings of the WA coast and especially Rottnest, Hewson-Bower makes water the major player, the central theme of each piece in his exhibition, From the Boat. Executed on a grand scale, his subjects span the whole of the State.

Artwork | Parker Point is one of many tranquil havens for boat lovers at Rottnest; a place of visual contrasts, the dry bleached rocks and landscape juxtapose dramatically with the deep transparent water. There is always beauty to be found there. 

From The Boat Leigh Hewson-Bower October 31-November 19



Memory Structure | POA Metal found on the beach in front of the old Fremantle Powerstation with the base a casting form from the old Midland Railway Workshops pattern department, 2.5×1.0x0.4m

Artist |”‘Sculpture,” says Denaro, “has experienced a resurgence since the 1990s, when sculptors competed with the prevailing art equals painting perception. I’m now concentrating on idiosyncratic works that are my own invention.”

Artwork | Memory Structure explores the idea of sculpture that is derived from line drawing, somewhat akin to construction or calligraphy. For Denaro, old or used found materials have a magical power that allows him to be fluid, like a painter, rather than slavishly following a model or a prescriptive design.

Memory Structure Jon Denaro October 10-29



The Voice | POA Acrylic on canvas, 122x167cm

Artist | Born in Stuttgart to Spanish parents, Carambano and her family migrated to Australia in 1961; she now lives in Sydney. As an artist of more than thirty years standing, she has a significant following, with work held in many collections.

Artwork | Lovers Spill illustrates Carambano’s long-standing lyrical relationship with colour that flows from one organic form to the next, building on symbiotic relationships between line, colour and form, dynamically balancing strength of composition with delicacy of execution. 

Fruition Conchita Carambano November 21-December 13


Subiaco: 299 Railway Road
(Cnr Nicholson Road), Subiaco

(08) 9388 3300 or (08) 6465 4314

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