What’s on at Linton & Kay Art Galleries this Autumn and Winter.

Cedric Baxter
Madame Flutterby | POA
Acrylic and collage on board

Artist | At 86 next birthday, every minute of every day is precious to Baxter, who still has so much to say and do in this wonderful world! He has neither the time nor inclination to paint huge works, as shown in his current exhibition, Little Pictures.
Artwork | In Madame Flutterby, Baxter’s trademark drawing and compositional skills, honed in his years as a political cartoonist, meld with humour and a keenly appreciated sense of the decorative and dramatic elements of the subject.


Ken Johnson
Academia di Carrara | POA
Acrylic on jute

Artist | Sydney-born, Johnson has been a Wynne and Archibald prize finalist numerous times. Travel defines his art practice, and as a result he experiences the world at first hand rather than through technology, stepping through the process of travel, seeing, meditation and transformation.
Artwork | Small in scale but monumental in conception, Academia di Carrara, like all his work, is beautifully painted, with great technical prowess.


Geoffrey Drake-Brockman
Solar Jayne | POA
Cast marble, solar panels

Artist | After a decade making large-scale public artworks like Totem (Perth Arena), Drake-Brockman’s first commercial gallery exhibition showcases painting, static sculpture and interactive installation.
Artwork | The prominently placed reflective surface is key, embedding the viewer into the artwork and signaling a portal into another world. These other worlds are virtual, futuristic domains – ‘Robot Mythologies’ – about emotional bridges between real and created beings, like Pinocchio and Coppelia.


Mac Betts (1932-2010)
Inner Harbour 1986 | POA
Oil on canvas, 80x120cm

Artist | Betts is recognised as ‘the artists’ artist’, and was greatly admired by his peers. Born in London, Mac lived and worked in Nigeria, spending time in Morocco, Spain, Italy and France before he migrated to Western Australia in 1970.
Artwork | Betts was a lyrical abstractionist with an uncanny ability to capture the essence of light on the West Australia landscape. The vastness and light of the northwest were his continued influences, up until his death at the age of 78 in 2010.


Yvonne Zago
You Are My Heartstrings | POA
Oil and mixed media on canvas, 122x122cm

Artist | Emerging Perth artist Yvonne Zago’s paintings introduce us to a world of intriguing characters, bright colours and fantastical imagery as she captures Australian figures, flora, fauna and ‘trespassers’ with vigour and enthusiasm.
Artwork | Driven by curiosity, Zago draws on familiar, figurative imagery, combining diverse fragments to create an enthralling, escapist dreamscape that is essentially feminine, familiar and yet ‘other’; the paradox of being unable to escape to a place that never really felt like home.


Ben Joel
Falling Called Gliding | POA
Hand-painted archival hybrid/digital giclee
(unique state work), 140x180cm

Artist | Taking from Larry Poons in the time-honoured tradition, Ben Joel links with the past and other artists, acknowledging them as sources of regeneration and growth for contemporary art practice.
Artwork | Brilliant colours and a sense of movement characterise Joel’s ‘borrowings’ from Poons. Long interested in the fugue, he references the rhythm and underlying musicality of Poons in order to develop, challenge, or renew his own practice.



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