What’s on in Perth this Autumn.


Who doesn’t love getting nekkid? Let it all hang out (legally) at these top three spots.

Perth Men’s Nudist Hangout Group
If you’re an open-minded male who likes to chat, make friends and play games, all whilst being naked, then you’ve just hit the jackpot. Head to meetup.com to find the next session.

North Swanbourne Beach
This beach has long been considered the nude – and gay – beach of choice. The pristine waters are perfect for a refreshing dip. Approximately 20 minutes from Perth CBD.

Perth Men’s Nude Yoga
If you’re ready to bare all, downward dog-style, give nude yoga a go. This
one’s open to all different shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds and abilities,
gay, straight or bi, so long as you identify as male. The intimate setting is
about creating a mindful connection with yourself – it’s not for sexual pick ups. Head to meetup.com to find the next session.



Been looking for your very own Tarzan? At The Court’s Disney Party, it’s
more than possible, as the venue will be transformed into a Disney Castle, inviting all characters, great and small. Put on those glass slippers for
a (k)night to make all your dreams come true – this is one ball you shouldn’t run away from. The Court, June 5.


If your wallet’s as tight as your glutes after leg day at the gym, The Court has got you covered. Enjoy a $5 dinner with any drink purchased. Perfect for date night, right? The Court, every Tuesday.


Suspect you might be a bit of a songbird? Check out the Gay and Lesbian Singers of WA – this community choir is all about fostering pride and social interaction, while having a cracking good time. Their musical chops are well established, with regular performances throughout the year. Visit galswa.org.au for more information. North Perth Lesser Hall, every Thursday night.


Here’s your chance to prove you’re more than just a pretty face. A $15 steak and drink should sweeten the deal. The Court, every Thursday.


Pop, lock and drop it on Thursdays with Connection’s weekly POP! event. The brainchild of DJ BarbieQ, expect lots of dancing, sweet tunes and 90s music (because who says Stop to the Spice Girls?). Connections Nightclub, Thursdays.


No need for Cupid at The Court’s Traffic Light Party, which takes the guesswork out of love. A green wristband means single and ready to mingle; red is for in a relationship and not keen; and orange is for ‘it’s complicated, but give it a try anyway’. The Court, May 13.


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