Scoop road tests indulgent treatments aimed at restoring and rejuvenating even the deeper layers of the skin.

TREATMENT Sodashi Thermal Infusing Face Mask

The claim To purify, deeply cleanse and nourish, leaving skin hydrated and toned, and restoring forgotten elasticity and radiance.

The commitment This 90-minute treatment can be enjoyed when skin needs an intense boost of nature’s vitamins and minerals.

Skin type The beauty of this treatment lies in the fact it can be tailored to your skin’s needs. Being 29 years old, with combination/oily skin, and in my second trimester of pregnancy and producing an influx of hormones, I was in need of a soothing and calming treatment. I’m not a regular at beauty establishments for facial treatments. One or two experiences in the past that lead to breakouts of my already less-than-perfect complexion made me think twice about trying again. However, after a little research into this Australian skincare company and some encouragement from a user of Sodashi’s products (not to mention one look at her flawless skin), I figured it was going to be worth it.

The experience Upon arriving at her gorgeous home-based retreat – The Beauty Room – I was greeted by the lovely Rebecca Robertson who discussed my skin type and needs, and explained the treatment in depth. Instantly I felt relaxed and eager to get started.

I got settled in the dimly lit treatment room (and on a bed that was slightly elevated, as recommended for pregnant women – another thoughtful touch), and it didn’t take long to relax after a big week at work.

After Sodashi’s signature hot compress to the feet and aromatic inhalation, my face, neck and decolletage were cleansed twice with the Eye and Lip Cleanser with Chamomile and the Clay Cleanser with Lime*. Three hot compresses of the Rejuvenating Concentrate worked to gently exfoliate the skin, followed by the application of a face oil to the face, neck and decolletage (the retail equivalent of this oil is the Sodashi Rejuvenating Serum).

A second inhalation cleansed and purified the atmosphere, before the twenty-minute signature facial started. The Eye Lifting Gel, Rejuvenating Skin Boost and the Eye and Lip Smoother prepared the skin before the Gentle Repair White Clay Mask* was applied to my face and neck. The Thermal Infusing Face Mask was then applied and left for 25 minutes, warming to 37 degrees. The extremely soothing effect of the warm mask was further enhanced as Rebecca massaged my hands and arms with Hand Rescue Cream. My feet and lower legs were also treated to a massage.

Once the mask was removed, my skin was treated to a spritz of Calming Rose Face Mist, plus an application of the Eye and Lip Smoother and Balancing Face and Neck Moisturiser*, before a closing inhalation left me physically relaxed and spiritually revived.
*These products were tailored to suit my skin’s needs, and may differ for others.

The results It’s impossible to deny that for the first time in a long while my makeup-free skin looked brighter and clearer than I thought possible. For days after, my skin was the smoothest it’s ever been, the results extended once I started using the recommended Sodashi products for my skin type. 

Would you recommend it? Without hesitation. Priced at $150, it is the perfect indulgent treat for a loved one who would enjoy not only the noticeable difference it makes to the complexion, but also the complete and utter relaxation it offers away from the stress of everyday life. You may find yourself stocking your shelves with Sodashi’s beautiful range after just one treatment. The very hydrating and vitamin C-enriched chilled rose tea served afterwards was another thoughtful touch.

Where The Beauty Room by Rebecca, Crawley 0406 596 066,;

Dr Dennis Gross alpha beta peel – original strength formula

The claim The ultimate ‘at home’ treatment that gives you the same results as a beauty salon facial peel. The original-strength formula is said to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and uneven skin texture. There are two steps, which involve two pre-soaked pads. Step one claims to reduce the visible signs of aging, promoting cell renewal while also fighting fine lines and moisturising. Step two is there to stimulate collagen production and diminish its breakdown, while antioxidants protect the skin from free-radical damage and environmental toxins. In a nutshell? This product is going to make you look youthful.

The commitment The product recommends using the two-step process daily, but I found that once every few days worked a treat. After an initial few months of treatment, I’ve now dropped back to once a week or whenever my skin is tired and dull. The advantage is that you can apply the treatment in your pyjamas in the luxury of your own bathroom. Simply apply step one, which involves wiping a pre-soaked beauty pad over your face, wait two minutes and repeat with the second pad. Do this before bed – don’t wash your face – and you’ll wake up with fresh, glowing skin.

Skin type I’m in my early 30s and have a few fine lines on my forehead and sensitive fair skin, so the thought of having a facial peel scares me – even the word ‘peel’ freaks me out. I was a little worried about using these wipes in case they stripped my sensitive skin, but I had heard amazing reviews from women who have similar skin to mine and thought I might as well give them a shot.

The experience Perfect for women who don’t have time to visit a beautician once a week. All that is involved are the two easy steps and there is no downtime. Start with clean skin and wipe in a circular motion from your forehead down to your neck with pad number one. My skin went a little flushed after I used step one (the surface refiner), but it calmed down as soon as I used step two (the deeper treatment) two minutes later.

The first pad gets your skin prepped, removing dead cells so step two can penetrate deep into the skin. When I woke in the morning I washed my face as normal, avoided any facial products with alcohol in them as instructed, and ensured I popped on some extra sunscreen to protect my skin. It really is a simple product to use. All you have to do is wait two minutes in between step one and step two… and go to bed and let the product work its magic. There are no overpowering chemical smells, no creams, no dramas. Easy.

The results? Instantly my skin felt smooth and tight, and in the morning my skin tone appeared more even. Fine lines seemed slightly reduced, but not dramatically. After using the two-step face peel for a few weeks I noticed that fine lines kept reducing and my skin was soft – also any blemishes had lost that red angry look and faded away.  You have to be careful with sun exposure after using the treatment, because your skin will be sensitive to the sun and is at a higher risk of burning, so be sure to wear sunscreen.

Would you recommend it? Definitely. A friend of mine used the wipes in the months leading to her wedding and her skin was the best it has ever been. It’s easy and simple and the results are beauty-salon quality. Perfect for busy women, mums or anyone who wants to be able to treat their skin to some much-needed youthful radiance.

Where you can buy the range In either a jar or in packets from Mecca, or online at or

TREATMENT Hydro-microdermabrasion facial

The claim Their latest facial where powerful exfoliation meets serious hydration. Improves skin texture and quality, reinventing the skin surface for visibly younger skin in just one treatment. May help with pigmentation issues. Skin will be glowing and highly moisturised.

The commitment The actual treatment takes an hour but it is recommended you arrive about 15 minutes before so the therapist can go through the treatment and address any questions you may have. (They also offer express lunchtime hydro-micros of either 30 or 45 minutes). Like any course of micros, it is recommended you have more than one in order to achieve the best possible results.

Skin type I have generally good skin and am not prone to breakouts.  However, being in my 40s and often too busy to look after my skin as well as I should, I have been noticing that it can get rather dry and lose its glow. Also, after my pregnancies, I became prone to pigmentation on the sides of my face, especially after the summer or a tropical holiday because sun exposure tends to trigger it. Luckily, the pigmentation issues have always responded well to microdermabrasions and I have had many over the years.

What I have found is that the treatment can vary substantially from salon to salon, therapist to therapist, and it’s essential to ensure the treatment is tailored to your needs and administered by an experienced, capable therapist. Too light and the results are negligible. Too strong and the skin is left too red or ‘striped’.  Although this fades, it’s annoying for a few days and totally unnecessary.

I was very interested in trying this new, hydro-microdermabrasion – like all women, I am constantly looking for that elusive ‘glow’. I don’t mind getting a few lines and I don’t want to look odd and distorted. I just want to have excellent skin tone because I think that’s the key to looking the best you can for your age. So, for me, microdermabrasions are a wonderful, quick and relaxing way to look after my skin.

The experience The whole experience was lovely. Endota Spa is gorgeous and so unexpected. In the heart of the city, in the bustling west end, it’s a CBD haven tucked away up a flight of stairs. The treatment rooms are spacious and simply but elegantly appointed. There is herbal tea in the waiting room, the lighting is dimmed, the music low, and there is a gorgeous couple’s room for those who want to share the experience of one of their many treatment and spa options. My therapist was well informed and informative, thorough, and could see that while I wanted to know about the treatment, I also wanted to spend some time just relaxing – eyes closed – no speaking, just enjoying the experience.

Firstly, my skin was double-cleansed. Then the exfoliation (hydro-micro) was performed over all areas of the face and neck. This was followed by a soothing mask (a lovely part of the treatment) and a glorious facial massage. The treatment ended with toning and moisturising. The hydro-micro itself was quite different from traditional micro dermabarsions. It was far less abrasive – quite gentle really.

The results? There was no redness at all, unlike traditional micro, so it really was a perfect lunchtime procedure. In a couple of days, I noticed my skin was smoother and texture was more even. The slight pigmentation I had down the sides of my face was gone and my skin felt great. The moisture levels across the face had been taken before and after the session: prior to the treatment, my skin, especially on my forehead, was quite dehydrated.

After the treatment, my levels were very high, indicating that the serums used during the micro had penetrated deeply. I suppose that was to be expected, but I must say that my skin felt well hydrated for weeks after the treatment too.

Would you recommend it? Yes, highly. Although results were very good, I am looking forward to a follow-up treatment.

Where Endota Spa, Level 1, 856 Hay Street, Perth (08) 6181 9858,

TREATMENT Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Facial

The claim To transform and reawaken the skin through intense hydration, improving tone and reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The commitment The treatment lasts for 105 minutes and there are no follow-up treatments required.

Skin type My skin is on the dry side and, just months away from turning 40, the fine lines and wrinkles have definitely arrived. Years as a social smoker have taken their toll, with my upper lip now creased like a pleated netball skirt! Wild hormones during pregnancies have also left me with a few blemishes.

The experience As I snuggled under the bed’s doona (yes, doona!), the therapist lifted the end of it to treat my little piggies to a wipe down with warm towels. Next, it was time to remove the slap from my face. Whatever purification technique the therapist was using, it was the most heavenly combination of massage and natural aromas. In the softest tone, the therapist told me to take in three deep breaths as she held a concoction of lemongrass and lavender oil close to my nose, putting me in a new state of relaxation.

The next step was application of Samadara creme, using heated rose quartz crystals. The crystals felt like hot stones, but their warmth and silky feel was heaven. Between each application, a light mist of rose and sandalwood was sprayed over my face. Once the final application of the serums and creme was on, the therapist laid strips of gauze over my face, then covered it with clay. This gradually heated to body temperature and was an oddly nice weight, like the comforting heaviness of lots of blankets on a cold night. Disguise removed, my new skin felt instantly fresh. After a final massaging application of moisturiser, the experience culminated in a cup of lemongrass tea, a little bowl of fruit and a chocolate.

The results My skin felt amazingly dewy, almost slightly wet. The fine lines did seem to have disappeared and even my ‘canyons’ seemed less deep. My skin tone seemed a little more even and, I must say, I may have only dropped a couple of years in the mirror, but I looked ten times healthier.

Would you recommend it? Highly. Let the therapist know if you are claustrophobic so she doesn’t cover your mouth with the clay mask!

Where Bodhi J Health and Beauty Spa, 40c Grantham Street, Wembley
(08) 9387 5152,

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