Newgrowth Landscapes understands its clients and believes they especially should enjoy the landscaping process.

Since 1997, Newgrowth Landscapes has been designing and constructing beautiful gardens for residential and commercial clients throughout Perth.

Over the years, the company has grown to become highly respected within the industry, which owner Rob Trinder believes is the result of communication, efficiency, modern functional designs and best-quality workmanship.

It is important to the team at Newgrowth Landscapes that the process is enjoyed by all who are involved, particularly the client. This is why the company greatly values client input, and takes it very seriously.

Burns Beach

The client brief for this property was to create a functional, modern landscape that would embody the client’s lifestyle of entertaining.

Being close to the coast, choice of materials and plantings required careful consideration.

A lush green synthetic turf was a must for the client, and complements the composite timber deck and exposed aggregate path.

The use of bark, stone and timber gives great contrast and interest to the gardens.

Mature trees planted around the perimeter create a secret-garden feel that is perfect for entertaining.

Bordering the garden and turf is the sleek line of the brick edge, allowing the garden to appear open and inviting. The use of rainbow stone between the exposed aggregate paths allows for an interesting change. 

Use of waterwise plants and composite decking means the salty coastal winds will have less impact and the garden won’t weather as quickly.

The overall feel of the design is one of space and privacy, with clean, modern lines aiding the landscape and enhancing the lifestyle of the owners.


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