A straightforward brief concentrating on a classic style has produced stunning results that will impress no end.


A pool for the two boys, a little patch of lawn at the front for the new puppy, low-maintenance, traditional planting, and a design that complemented the Hamptons-styling of the home: this was the general brief from the client of this project.

A muted palette was required for this design, so Empire Lane company director,
Ceri Wagnell, selected mocha travertine laid in a classic French pattern with detailing of stunning limestone cobblestones.

A blend of textural materials features predominantly throughout this project, including stone cladding on the barbecue area, on feature walls and in the pavilion, which adds interest and a little touch of luxury. 

The courtyard front garden is formal but simple in its styling. A feature cast-iron pot sits proudly in the centre, and the travertine, cobblestone and cladding has been continued in this area.

Returning to the backyard, the deep concrete pool is the standout feature, having been tiled with iridescent charcoal mosaics reflecting the colour of the water, changing depending on the time of day and sunlight.

Raised flowerbeds around the edge of the pool are deep and high enough to sit on, allowing this area to accommodate large numbers for entertaining if required. The pool blanket is hidden away underground, and equipment stored behind the pavilion, maintaining clean lines and a clutter-free area.

In keeping with the uncomplicated yet classic design, planting has been kept
structured but very simple for low maintenance. Hedges and ornamental pear trees combine to provide depth and scale.

In combining their clients’ wish list with its design expertise, Empire Lane has created a beautiful and functional garden that its clients love, and that Ceri and the team are very proud of.


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