Jenny McGrath shares her latest artworks available for purchase.

1. Romance
$2250 | Acrylic on canvas, 92x122cm

Artwork | The inspiration for Romance came from the artist’s love of the beautiful imperfections often found in nature. She wanted this piece to convey the shadows and light also found in life, and to have a heartfelt depth so viewers could respond with feelings in their own personal and unique ways.


2. Ophelia
$2450 | Acrylic on canvas, 92x122cm

Artwork | In Ophelia, a white rose floats dreamily in the water, with deep blue hues reflecting on the petals. It evokes a feeling of gentle calmness.


3. Heaven Scent
$2450 | Acrylic on canvas, 92x122cm

Artwork | This artwork was inspired by sunlight catching ripples in the sparkling Rottnest water, and the perfect bloom with buds floating lazily along. It is a beautiful tribute for a loved one.


4. Summertime Melody
$2250 | Acrylic on canvas, 92x122cm

Artwork | A harmony of frangipanis stretching out into the sunshine, showing off their bold yellow centres is represented in this artwork. McGrath was drawn to this image by the splash of colour and the subtle blue and mauve hues in the shadows.


Jenny McGrath
Jenny McGrath’s paintings, inspired by her love for raw natural beauty, capture those moments of quiet solitude that rejuvenate the sense of joy in life. Each image is an exercise in meditation, enabling the viewer to lose themselves in the study of form, colour and atmosphere.

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