Artworks on show at Japingka Gallery this season.

1 Jorna Newberry
Waru Tjukurrpa | $8900
Acrylic on linen, 182x120cm

Artist | Jorna Newberry, a West Australian artist from Warakurna, represents her cultural stories with an inventive painting style that captures the feel of the desert landscape.
Artwork | Waru Tjukurrpa (Fire Dreaming) shows the use of fire for hunting and land management. Here, the land, in white, is being burned off, while the swirling areas of red are fire and the effects of wind.


2 Shirley Purdie
Gilbuny Way | $7200
Ochre on linen, 160x120cm

Artist | Kimberley artist Shirley Purdie uses traditional ochre pigments from around her community at Warmun to tell the stories of
country and her Gija heritage.
Artwork | In this artwork, the rugged breakaway country and strange-shaped hills of the East Kimberley are the sites of Creation stories and family histories for Shirley’s people.


3 Wentja Napaltjarri
Blue Tongue Lizard – Fathers Country | $4800 Acrylic on linen, 95x95cm

Artist | Wentja Napaltjarri lived a traditional life in the Gibson Desert before moving closer to the desert settlements. She tells stories of desert survival, and pre-contact tales of Aboriginal Australia.
Artwork | Wentja’s family made the long journey east across the desert, where knowledge of country was critical to survival. Wentja records the important sites and their Dreaming stories.


4 Jorna Newberry
Walpa Jukurrpa | $6000
Acrylic on linen, 150x90cm

Artwork | Walpa Jukurrpa (Wind Dreaming) refers to the ceremony for singing up the wind, to cool the land, and aid hunters pursuing game down-wind.


Japingka Gallery specialises in quality Aboriginal art, with more than 4500 artworks in stock. The gallery is located within a heritage 1880s warehouse building in Fremantle’s historic West End. See new exhibitions in its upstairs gallery, or visit its artists and exhibitions online. Japingka’s directors have
30 years of experience with Aboriginal art.

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Jorna Newberry, Wentja Napaltjarri
& Eva Nelson
Kimberley Ochres February

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