An eerie and adventurous adaptation of Stephen King’s hit horror story, IT.

The town of Derry is getting a reputation for all the wrong reasons. Every 27 years children start to disappear, one by one, and are never heard of again.

When Bill Denbrough’s little brother Georgie goes missing his family are distraught. But rather than accept that his little brother is gone forever, like so many other children in Derry, Bill bands together with a bullied group of misfits to find out exactly what’s happening.

That summer, each of the gang get a visit from Pennywise, a creepy clown that feeds on fear. Confronted, one by one, by their own worst nightmares, they realise they need to work together to defeat him.

A relatively unknown cast makes up Bill’s gang, giving their foray into the horrors of the underworld a realistic sense of innocence and vulnerability. Finn Wolfhard steals the show as the sharp-shooting Richie, his one-liners and false bravado adding some much-needed light relief to a film that throws out terrors at every turn.

It is not as scary as it first looks though. Yes, there are gory goings on and jumps aplenty, but the bumbling efforts and teenage awkwardness of the group add a solid dose of humour, leaving It seesawing somewhere between an adventure movie and a very bad dream. Bill Skarsgård is incredibly unsettling as Pennywise, a performance that will no doubt stay in the mind of moviegoers long after the film has finished.

IT is a clever, disconcerting and entertaining film that will definitely leave you on the edge of your seat. But it’s also worth a watch for the effortless visuals and adventurous plot, so don’t miss out just because you’re not brave enough…

IT is on general release now.

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