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This residential garden is built on top of one of the most recognisable buildings in Miami Beach, which contains a parking garage, retail space, event space and a penthouse. The lush garden is designed to complement the requirements of the owners, as well as the renowned architecture of the building. The harsh environment required a diverse selection of native plants in addition to non-invasive species that adapt well to shallow soil for a low-maintenance, resilient garden that features a bar, outdoor entertaining area and pool. The Sky Garden, by Raymond Jungles, won an Honor Award at the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2014 Professional Awards.,


A natural swimming pool is the centrepiece of this award-winning outdoor space in South Africa. Surrounded by a sleek wooden deck made from balau, the pool is ecologically balanced and self-cleaning. Water is pumped between the main swimming pool and reflecting pond, which is designed to flow inside and outside the house, linking the interior and exterior living spaces. Rees Roberts & Partners,

Photography Christian van der Kooy.


Divided into three specific sections, this home in the Netherlands encompasses all things ‘garden’ across the three main floors. From the curved basement, stairs draw guests up through a wall of shrubs to the main garden – a large expanse of green grass surrounded by luscious trees. From the backyard, the grass appears to drop in a semi-circular formation in front of the home. The ground floor’s large windows present clear views of the lawn and foliage beyond, while the bedrooms on the top level are set among a delicate roof garden. Powerhouse Company,

Photography Ceto Riginik and Yuri Serodio.


A few hours out of Sao Paulo sits this breathtaking villa and contemporary garden that not only mimics the architecture, but also works seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. The homeowners wanted the garden to be a place of leisure that made the most of the views of the horizon. The result is three levels designed to cater for different activities, including a soccer field on the lower level. Leading off the house level is an ecological fire pit and entertaining area that caters for cool nights, as well as undercover areas, lawn, extensive decking and an infinity pool. The GM House, by Alex Hanazaki Paisagismo, won an Honor Award at the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2014 Professional Awards.,

Photography Philippe Cousteau.


This modern and surreal courtyard is an inner-city refuge that boasts a 10th century fireplace and antique mirror among a living wall of greenery. The glass walls and floor allow the vertical garden to be seen from numerous rooms, and make the apartment feel as if it is adjacent to a forest, with its smell of the flowers and summer from the densely planted surface of the vertical garden. Ateliers Michael Hermann,

Photography Matthew J. Cunningham.


Located within Acadia National Park, this historic chalet and its lush garden needed a dramatic transformation after a hurricane devastated the grounds. Working with the native flora and fauna was a priority for this restoration, and balance was the key. Native moss, ferns and lichens now protect the land from severe weather, while dry-laid fieldstone retaining walls were used to create planting beds. Moss-covered granite and slabs of lichen are used as benches, and edible low-bush blueberries surround terrace edges and attract the local fauna. The Le Petit Chalet garden, by Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC, won an Honor Award at the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2014 Professional Awards.,

Photography Heidi Bertish.


Perched among natural vegetation, this luxurious garden, courtyard and entertaining area is simple and modern. Garden beds overflow with greenery, plants cascade over balconies, and a vertical garden takes centre stage as the main feature in the courtyard, which is an extension of the home and takes advantage of the spectacular view. The simple palette of materials, combined with an abundance of vegetation, creates the perfect balance of refined texture and colour. Franchesca Watson garden designer,

Photography Courtesy of Design Systems Ltd


The architects of this home in Shenzhen, China, created a series of spaces that is orientated towards a central point. In the bathroom, the basin and the door are on the same axis, with the basin acting as the main focus of the room. Similarly, an ingeniously constructed green garden has been positioned so that, when viewed from the living room, the landscape is framed perfectly by the area’s large window. Design Systems Ltd,

Photography Linda Oyama Bryan.


In the heart of Chicago sits this contemporary, child-friendly garden designed to incorporate the homeowners’ love of the city and the natural world. Four distinct landscapes were created to achieve this: the Entry Garden is a wilderness wonderland of foliage, with planter boxes that hide the entry of the home; the side Garden Walk is on the southern edge of the home and boasts the perfect combination of concrete, stone, gravel and foliage for a welcoming connection from the entry into the West Garden, which is a spacious entertaining and dining area and an extension of the interior. Lastly, The Rooftop Garden is an oasis that’s home to a vegetable garden and green roof that is visible from the street. The City House in a Garden, by McKay Landscape Architects, won an Honor Award at the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2014 Professional Awards.,

Photography Arlen Kennedy Photography and Robert Reck.


This Texan family’s home-away-from-home needed a garden that was relaxing and sophisticated. Native vegetation was restored, with 90 per cent of the plants incorporated into the design chosen because they were tolerant to the environment and thrived in the rocky alkaline soil.  The family outdoor space features an intimate area with a dramatic fireplace, and also leads on from the master bedroom. The Hill Country Prospect garden, by Studio Outside Landscape Architects, won an Honor Award at the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2014 Professional Awards.,

Photography Matthew Millman Photography.


It was time for a contemporary update to the garden of this Napa Valley abode. The new refined grounds cover 0.4ha and remain uncluttered and sophisticated thanks to the use of hedges, allees and tree bosques. The design had to incorporate the characteristics of the wine country, with views of the surrounding vineyards in all directions: the removal of fencing and sheds resulted in these heightened aspects. The Vineyard Retreat garden, by Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture, won an Honor Award at the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2014 Professional Awards.,

Photography Terry Moore, Christine Ten Eyck, Trish Bigler.


Set in the Chinati Mountains in West Texas is this historic ranch and its carefully designed hectare of garden. The brief asked for a low-maintenance outdoor space with a pool, lawn, shade, fruit trees and flowering vegetation. The pool was designed to be at harmony with the horizon, and was raised 45cm above the existing landscape. Buffalo grass lawn, a stone retaining wall, and native plants create an interconnected space that will withstand the harsh Texas environment. The West Texas Ranch, by Ten Eyck Landscape Architects, won an Honor Award at the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2014 Professional Awards.,

Photography Rebecca A. O’Neal.


Native ferns, trees and shrubs work together to stablise the eroding slopes of this property in Louisiana. A ravine runs north/south of the site’s western edge resulting in raised water levels of up to three metres. The garden design had to include the surrounding forest and ravine, as well as incorporate designated garden areas for play, a herb garden, perennials and vegetables. The brief also required the design be striking from the entrance and make use of visible drainage systems to harvest rainwater. The water moves within a native rock-filled stainless steel rill near a small herb garden and spills over a ledge and into a rock trough. The Woodland Rain Gardens, by Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects, won the Award Of Excellence at the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2014 Professional Awards.,


These lush green walls are not only living works of art but also have a number of added benefits, such as smart use of available space, an inherent embracing of sustainable design, and the additional quality of purifying the air. Vertical gardens are striking and perfect for interior or exterior spaces, and can be applied equally effectively to small residential projects or larger scale commercial applications such as the ones seen here. Guildford Town Centre in Surrey, British Columbia, designed by Green Over Grey,


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