Baby Spa Perth is a one of a kind spa experience based in Subiaco, the ultimate baby relaxation station offering massages and swimming for bubs and a unique bonding experience for parents.

While the name may conjure images of bubs living it up in a bubbling hot-tub, Baby Spa is a little more involved than that.

Brought to Perth by Anita Yap and Kavita Kumar, who both trained at the original Baby Spa in London, Baby Spa is manned by qualified baby massage experts and a wonderful learning and bonding experience for the parents and their baby.

The spa offers a two-part service to keep your bub calm and collected, and in a win-win, provides mums and dads with a bit of peace and quiet.

baby spa perth

Part one is a single ‘pod’ hydrotherapy and massage service for newborns up to 8 weeks old, with only the parent, baby and massage therapist in the room. As newborns are particularly irritable, the pods are shaped like a cocoon and filled with warm water to resemble a mother’s womb, creating a soothing environment for them. Once bubs are a little older, they can participate in group sessions, with multiple babies in the one room (or pod!) – you can even organise a spa-day play-date with a friend and their bub.

baby spa perth

As well as the hydrotherapy and massage, the spa therapists can pick up on a baby’s cues, empowering parents by teaching them how to read when their baby is tense or having tummy trouble and how to relieve that stress via soft massaging techniques. Plus, babies typically sleep for two or so hours afterwards, so parents can get the break they so desperately need!

baby spa perth

Apart from the obvious benefits of muscle tension relief and relaxation, parents also report a calmer demeanour and soothing of colic symptoms, with babies often appearing more comfortable during their time in the water and afterward. Co-owner Kavita also told us that letting babies paddle around in the water improves their lung capacity,

“Water hitting their chest makes them breathe harder which strengthens their lungs.”

For those interested in the world of baby pampering, Kavita’s hot tip is to feed 15 minutes before so your bub is satisfied and ready for their first swim and relaxation day.

Baby Spa Perth
68 Coghlan Rd, Subiaco
Mon-Sat, 8.30am-4.30pm
(08) 9382 2490

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