Scoop catches up with X Factor stars In Stereo as they dish on their new EP and get ready for their performance in Perth.

Despite their rising success, the boys from In Stereo – Chris, Ethan and Jacob – are incredibly down to earth. Expressing their excitement at returning to Perth, Chris says, ‘We are really excited to be coming back. We love Perth, the fans have always been fantastic and welcomed us warmly. Plus the weather is great too!’

With their upcoming Australian tour and the launch of their new EP ‘Day In, Day Out’, fans of the group have plenty to look forward to. The tour is definitely a career highlight for the boys, though they say their on-the-road antics are surprisingly tame compared to other performers. ‘We just hang out, play music or play video games,’ says Jacob. ‘It’s definitely fun to travel around to different cities and we always put a bit of time aside to go sightseeing and explore each place. I guess we just do what any 16 or 17 year old guys would do.’

In Stereo initially impressed Australian audiences with their knockout performances on X-Factor 2015 and it is safe to say female fans across the nation have swooned over the boys ever since; they recently won a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award 2017 for favourite Aussie/Kiwi Squad.

Chris speaks candidly about their creative influences and how the band’s music has evolved since it’s debut. ‘We wanted it to be a step up from the music that we’ve done in the past. We aimed for a more mature sound and a sound that reflected what we’re doing. We are getting older and it makes sense that our music reflects that.’

Despite their youth, the trio don’t feel like age is a barrier when it comes to their creative input in the studio and on tour. ‘We were very creatively involved in this EP, in both the writing and production side of things,’ says Chris. ‘The process took about 8 months where we were writing and creating it all. Creatively, the band is independent at the moment, although in the past we have never really been too restricted on what we can do; usually the only restriction was time.’

The sky is the limit for these talented musicians, begging the question, what’s next? ‘We want to keep going with it; making new music and also ensuring that we keep a balance by staying on top of everything,’ says Chris.

Catch In Stereo at YMCA HQ in Leederville on September 26. Find out more.

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