An easy-to-maintain and eye-catching way to add a bit of greenery to your indoor décor, terrariums have really taken off in popularity in recent years. Whilst a lot of people think a terrarium is anything planted in glass, in fact, terrariums are micro-gardens that are self-sustaining and create their own water cycle.

As soon as you put a lid on it, it starts creating. Inside its walls the miniature rainforest thrives through natural processes such as photosynthesis, and respiration.

If you’re looking to get started on your own, or just looking to buy ready-made, the Green Emporium is Perth’s only store solely dedicated to genuine terrariums. Opening in 2017, each terrarium is personally created by the owner Kristina, and is unique to the next. A trained florist, this “terrarium queen” has been making magical micro-gardens for over 6 years, previously selling them at markets and consignment stores. After a few weeks of closure, she sold out completely on Mother’s day this year, with lines out the door.

Kristina sells both fully grown/developed terrariums, or you can purchase your own starter kits with all the materials needed to set it up yourself, with costs ranging from as little as $20 up to $400 for the most impressive, large terrariums. Interestingly, she said that the larger the terrarium, the easier it is to maintain.

Starting again in spring, the Green Emporium also offers intimate outdoor workshops with groups of no more than 8. Costing $125 a head, the workshops are all inclusive and provide everything you need to make your own large terrarium.

Kristina gave us a couple of tips for how to maintain your own flourishing terrarium garden at home.

  • Excellent lighting source “with a terrarium its all about balance, Location is key – they shouldn’t be in direct sun, but need a lot of light coming into the room.”
  • Minimal watering – Less is more
  • Choosing the right vessel is key for success, and op shops are a great place for picking them up
  • As you are not looking to promote growth, you don’t need any fertilizers
  • Use mostly tropical plants and things that enjoy humidity for best results

Most importantly: “Don’t overthink, just give it a go. The only way you’re going to learn is to start.”

The store is open Wednesday – Friday 11 – 5pm and from 11 – 4pm on Saturdays.

Visit Green Emporium’s website here.

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