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Australian Finance Group (AFG) is one of Australia’s leading financial services companies. Following a recent rebranding of its business, AFG recognised the opportunity to align the workplace environment with both the culture and identity of the company.

Previously spread over four floors, a key driver for the design of the new workplace was to move away from the departmental structure of the once segregated office, and to create non-hierarchical space, where interaction would be encouraged.

A central staircase became the key piece to the puzzle by offering the link between
both the floors and the vital destination points throughout the fitout.

The staircase is activated by the necessity to transverse from the large AV-rich meeting rooms located on level four, and the sizeable staff hub, located on level three.

The design philosophy established early on in the planning process was carried through to the detailing of the furniture and joinery. Controlled volumes and forms are pushed into and pulled through the space, emphasising connections between spatial elements.

Considered use of contrasting materiality accentuates the definition of space, and creates patterns with the built form, akin to a memory of a previous built arrangement. The physical nature of the stairs was designed to create an experiential circulation and highlight the sense of arrival.

The resulting fitout offers a diverse range of moods and human experience, providing AFG with a sophisticated image that is aligned with its brand and identity. 



BUILDER | Resolute Construction.
BRIEF | To realign the workplace environment with both the culture and identity of the company.
FEATURES | Central staircase, AV-rich meeting rooms, staff hub, non-hierarchal work spaces.
LOCATION | West Perth


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