Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, quarantine can’t stop us from exploring the world and seeing all kinds of weird and wonderful beasts. With some of the world’s most famous zoos and wildlife centres setting up webcams and virtual experiences, you can now go on your own virtual global safari, and get up close and personal with Japanese snow monkeys, beluga whales and many more fantastic creatures!

Why not get the kids together for an evening and explore them together on a big screen if you’ve got one? It’s sure to be a big hit with little adventurers, and a chance to see animals they may never have encountered before.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the world for a reason. It boasts a huge variety of animals from everywhere around the world and now has a host of live streams from different enclosures including the baboon cam, the penguin cam, the panda cam and many more. This is a great one to check out for sheer variety!

Meet their animals here.

Melbourne Zoo

Another highly esteemed zoo, Melbourne Zoo has set up cameras at various points throughout the zoo. But of its many cams, the most popular one right now is the one focused on the baby snow leopards. The cubs were born in late January and all have unique markings. You can check them out every morning when they’re being fed.

They also feature the occasional livestream with echidnas, koalas and baboons. Visit Melbourne Zoo online here.

Japan’s Jigokudani Yaen-koen

For a unique treat, check out this Japanese livestream that features the renowned wild snow monkeys. They very much enjoy hanging out and having relaxing baths in the natural hot springs. We wish we could look as serene as this!

Witness the rare snow monkey bath-time here.

Australian Reptile Park

If you like your animal livestreams with more scales, the Australia Reptile Park has you covered! Their livestreams feature a variety of cold-blooded beauties from crocodiles to Komodo dragons to pythons to tortoises. Occasionally you also get to see kangaroos, koalas, frogs, and more!

Get your fix of scaly beasts here.

Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa

For the most genuine Safari experience you can’t go wrong with Tembe Elephant Park. With a live cam on the watering hole you can get a peek at elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalos, antelopes and more bird species than you can count. Their sister parks also feature livestreams in different areas worth checking out.

Walk with the elephants here.

Georgia Aquarium

For a more aquatic wildlife experience, you can check out the Georgia Aquarium. Their most popular livestream is their beluga whales, but there’s a variety of undersea streams to explore. Jellyfish, otters, piranhas, sealions, puffins and penguins are all there for your viewing pleasure.

Take a dive here.

The Houston Zoo

Giraffes are truly iconic members of the animal kingdom and the giraffe enclosure is the star attraction of the Houston zoo, where you can watch those long boys devour some tall tree leaves. Some alternatives to the giraffes are flamingos, chimps and gorillas, which are sure to be a blast too!

Visit the giraffes being fed here.


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