Artworks on show at Gallows Gallery.

Crispin Akerman
Table Still Life 2016 | POA
Oil on linen, 61x107cm.
Photograph taken by Ian Robertson

Artist | Crispin Akerman is a visual artist living and working in the southwest of Western Australia. He does not work from photographs but from life and nature. His work is influenced by the local history and natural environment surrounding him, and often involves the use of items such as enamelware, ceramics and textiles. He arranges his compositions carefully, allowing for the exploration of balance, tension, light and atmosphere, and is always searching for clarity and harmony.
Artwork | Many of Crispin’s works have flowers and leaves of plant species native to the southwest of WA as the central focus. Other objects in the paintings are historical, sculptural, or organic in form, and are arranged over underlying geometries, with the space between as important as the objects.


Henryk Szydlowski
Colourful poetry of the scarecrow in red | POA
Oil on canvas, 170x130cm

Artist | Polish-born Szydlowski is a highly trained international artist who was invited to create a postage stamp for the Swiss in celebration of the millennium. He was officially granted the title of Professor by the Accademia Internazionale Greci Marino, Accademia Del Verbano, Di Lettere, Arti, Scienze, Vercelli, Italy in 1998. 
Artwork | Henryk Szydlowski’s work is characterised by rich vivid colours and poetic titles. He likes to give his paintings names that have a kind of poetry to them, so that people can discover for themselves much more about the painting than they might see at first glance.


Robert Dickerson
On the way home | POA
Acrylic on canvas, 122x92cm

Artist | Robert Dickerson’s work is immediately recognisable. The blank planes of the faces he paints offer themselves for interpretation, like theatre masks. Dickerson would say he was often surprised by what people read into his paintings. 
Artwork | On the way home shows a mother and child. They are alone, isolated by the surrounding space, connected by a personal bond. The strength of the relationship is heightened by the brooding weather and the dark clouds on the escarpment beyond.


Ian Dickinson
The Blue Dome, Ragusa, Sicily | $3900
Oil on canvas, 120×120 cm

Artist | Ian Dickinson’s work is focused on the beauty and expanse of the environment, and our place within it. The use of an abstract style gives him more freedom in the use of line, colour, texture, space and form. In his paintings, he uses their interplay to achieve an aesthetic design while still retaining the identity of the location. 
Artwork | The beautifully preserved towns of central Sicily, set amidst rocky landscapes, were an intriguing sight that inspired the artist to capture their colours and forms.


Margaret Heenan
Vintage platter | POA
Kiln-formed and slumped glass, 46cm in diameter

Artist | Margaret Heenan consistently produces impeccably designed and made glass art using vibrant colours and patterns. Margaret’s linear work is highly structured and restrained. She makes detailed drawings and paintings of her design prior to cutting the glass, which must be accurate to achieve a seamless fit.
Artwork | This piece was inspired by the swinging 60s and 70s, when vintage designs were appearing everywhere on the mass market; wallpapers, homewares and textiles. The design evokes a sense of strong nostalgia of the time. 



Gallows Gallery 
Gallows Gallery director Kathryn Stafford is a second-generation art dealer with
almost 30 years’ experience in the art industry in Western Australia and overseas,
and a strong passion for Australian art. Gallows Gallery represents the work of some of Australia’s most prominent and successful contemporary artists, with a vision to continue to present to the public the work of diverse and established artists.

53 Glyde Street, Mosman Park
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Crispin Akerman, Andrew Baines, Greg Baker, Margaret Benoit, Nellie Crawford,
Robert Dickerson, Rob Forlani, Tony Jones, Bronwen Newbury, Lori Pensini, Dave Spencer, Peter Usher, Linda Skrolys, Henryk Szydlowski, Lauren Wilhelm

Crispin Akerman  April 28-May 15
Henryk Szydlowski May 19-June 5
Lori Pensini June 9-26
Philip Drummond June 30-July 17
Robert Dickerson July 21-August 7
Margaret Heenan & Ian Dickinson August 11-28 
Rob Forlani September 1-18 

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