What’s on at Gallows Gallery this summer.

1. David Spencer
Fingerprints, 2015 | $5800
Mixed media on canvas, 116x167cm

Artist | Dave Spencer says his art practice is a reflection of his personality. As any artist, he is constantly inspired, always thinking about art and the different ways he can deliver it to the public. He says he never wants to be tied to one style of creativity, and creates unique pieces so he is not known or recognised for a recurrent style. 
Artwork | This painting is about family. Spencer lost his grandfather a few years ago, and next to his bed has a photo of him holding his baby son, which he looks at almost every day. So with that in mind, the painting is exploring the legacy of family, the legacy of wisdom, and the sharing and passing of love, like fingerprints leaving an impression in paint. 


2. Roberta Falkner
At the Barre | POA
Oil on canvas, 110x90cm

Artist | Observing the classical ballet dancer in rehearsal and in the studio has inspired Roberta. A ballet dancer herself, she creates paintings that reflect this elegant and demanding performing art. 
Artwork | Preparatory drawings from the model and in the rehearsal room have been developed into paintings on canvas or paper. Roberta says the dancer’s body, even in repose, has a tension and is vitally alive, while in action it amazes us with its endurance, grace and fearless symmetry.


3 Bronwen Newbury
Northwest Lands Edge | POA
Acrylic on canvas, 200x120cm

Artist | A professional painter for nearly three decades, Newbury is known for her beachscape and landscape paintings, particularly of the Australian outback where she once lived. Since moving to Albany in 2001, she often depicts people and crowds enjoying the great Australian lifestyle. Blending the media of oils, acrylics and pastels, her works are celebrations of the land, sea and rivers of Australia. Whether rendered realistically or as abstracts, they are an interpretation of her experiences within these environments.
Artwork | While capturing the dramatic colours of a northwest landscape where land and ocean meet, this large-scale painting also pays tribute to the vastness of our state’s remarkable north.

4 George Macfarlane Reid
Tapas Table | $7500
Oregon and kauri pine, 304x87cm

Artist | George Macfarlane Reid has a fascination with geometric patterns, with
an intrigued perspective and awareness of how to access and employ influences
in his work. George has hit his aesthetic stride, the ideas flowing in a series of
variations on a theme. Geometry defines feet, edges and surface, yet the work
is not clinical or industrial.
Artwork | This second edition of George’s bespoke Tapas Tables reflects the human element of a confident individual maker. Resonating with his favoured medium – timber – it shows the soul of the natural material, hence having the last say. George’s works are beautifully realised pieces that speak of fine craft and sound technique.


Second-generation art dealer and Gallows Gallery director Kathryn Stafford has a strong passion for Australian art, and almost 30 years’ experience in the industry, both in Australia and overseas. The vision for Gallows Gallery is to continue to present to the public the diverse work of Australia’s most prominent and successful contemporary artists.

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Roberta Falkner February 18-March 6
Bronwen Newbury March 10-April 3
David Spencer April 7-24
Crispin Akerman April 28-May 15 

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