With eight operators offering a variety of jumps across the state, WA is home to the nation’s largest skydiving centre at York.

Celebrate post-jump with a drink at their licensed bar, or visit the pool, sauna and cafe. To glide over the CBD, check out Skydive the Beach and Beyond’s latest landing site at Langley Park.


Northwest | If you’re visiting Broome, consider a tandem skydive with the Wickham Skydiver’s Club, landing on Point Sampson Beach. The club also offers AFF (accelerated freefall) solo courses, for those who want to learn to jump solo.

Coral Coast | A tandem jump with Skydive Jurien Bay is one way to take in the Coral Coast, especially an aerial view of the Jurien Bay Marine Park, finishing with a beach landing. If you’re in Kalbarri, try a tandem jump (up to 14,000 feet) with Skydive Kalbarri, which includes a view of the Abrolhos Islands and Shark Bay before a beach landing. (Both also offer solo skydiving courses.)

Perth Surrounds | Enjoy the city in a new way – the Perth CBD makes for stunning scenery when jumping with Skydive The Beach and Beyond, landing in Langley Park, or you can take in a coastal perspective with a jump in Rockingham. For city jumps, The WA Skydiving Academy offers jumps landing in Tompkins Park, halfway between Perth and Fremantle, as well as jumps within an hour of
the city at Pinjarra. They also offer beach-landing jumps in Mandurah. York plays host to Australia’s largest skydiving centre, and after a jump with Skydive The Beach and Beyond you can enjoy the pool, sauna, licensed bar and cafe. (The first week of November also sees the West Coast Sundowner skydiving event take place.)

Golden Outback | Experienced jumpers passing through the region can get in contact with the Hillman Farm Skydivers Club, whose drop location is in Darkan, or Kambalda Skysports, the drop zone for which is at Kambalda West.

Southwest | A tandem skydive is a unique way to take in an overhead perspective of the Margaret River region. With Skydive Geronimo, you can enjoy a tandem flight that lands on the beach in Busselton, and follow up with a complimentary drink at the Busselton Jetty. Skydive Geronimo also offers AFF packages.


Tandem | Attached safey to an instructor, this is a great way to give skydiving a whirl. Because you’ll be jumping secured to a professional, you don’t need to have the in-depth training/preparation you would when learning to jump solo. Tandem jumps are also popular gifts for friends and family.

Accelerated Freefall | This recognised course, an extensive program that includes
a number of stages, is designed to teach you to skydive solo. You’ll be required to participate in on-the-ground training, and when first cleared to jump, it will be in the company of two instructors available to assist during freefall.

Static Line | When jumping static line, it’s generally from a low altitude. You’re
attached to the aircraft through a line at one end and your parachute at the other, so that your fall pulls the line tight, activating your main chute. Over subsequent jumps, you will gradually increase altitude and freefall, and learn to release your own chute.

WA Skydiving Academy 1300 137 855, waskydiving.com.au
Skydive The Beach And Beyond 1300 663 634, skydive.com.au
Wickham Skydiver’s Club/Skydive Broome 0417 011 000, wickhamskydivers.com.au
Skydive Geronimo 1300 449 669, skydivegeronimo.com.au
Hillman Farm Skydivers For experienced jumpers 0488 552 253, hillmanfarm.myclub.org.au
Kambalda Skysports For experienced jumpers 0419 853 193
Skydive Jurien Bay (08) 9652 1320, skydivejurienbay.com
Skydive Kalbarri 0400 355 730, skydivekalbarri.com

Once you have completed your thorough learning course, you can focus on meeting the remaining requirements to qualify for an A licence, which is internationally recognised. Then you can work your way towards more qualifications.

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