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Boyup Brook is the original American West style country town, home to the state’s largest country music festival, the famous Harvey Dickson’s Country Music Centre and the annual rodeo weekend. There’s also plenty of parts, Aussie wildlife, walking trails and canoeing to be enjoyed.

The music shrine has an extensive collection of memorabilia, including the Record Room, dedicated to Elvis Presley.

Around town, the kids will enjoy the mysterious (and slightly disturbing) holographic sculptures, as well as the Pioneer Museum and the Carnaby Collection of Beetles and Butterflies at the Tourist Centre.

If you’re looking for wildlife, the kids will love the orphaned kangaroos at Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary, just out of Boyup Brook. Trigwell Bridge, when the water level is high, is a good spot to begin a canoe trip through town, but with its many underwater snags it’s not advisable to swim there.

Boyup Brook Billabong has its own rock pool and is ideal for a bush picnic. You’re likely to see blue wrens or robin red breasts (they flutter about the ample foliage).

Sandakan Park (behind the town hall) is a more central spot, with free barbecues and a large shaded playground. At Music Park you can exercise your dog, and there’s also outdoor gym equipment.

You can take the Bicentennial Walk Trail that leads to the park. Of the many walk tracks, the path from Flax Mill is among the best: it follows the old railway line for about two hours through farming land to finish at Newlagalup Pool. For a complete list of walking trails, you can pick up a brochure from the visitor centre.

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