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Author: Melissa Warland

From high quality documentaries, to interactive exhibitions and author appearances, cap off the year by immersing yourself in the insightful program that the WA Museums have on offer.

Colombia Wild Magic

Dec 6, WA Maritime Museum

Discover the incredible unknown beauty of Colombia in this fascinating documentary that explores the magical creatures, environments and habitats that shape a truly remarkable location of the world.

The documentary covers the astonishing diversity and emblematic regions that cover the country, such as the sweeping mountain ranges and ancient glaciers, jungles, grasslands and deserts, which are home to an immense range of bionetworks and wildlife that you haven’t heard of until now. Prepare to be blown away at the footage of 85 locations and 20 ecosystems that took five years to shoot.

From the magnificent skies, to the vast land, to the depth of the oceans, fascinating creatures of all types inhabit Colombia, discover some of the rarest and most unbelievable animals to exist around the globe. A true Attenborough dream.

Ancient Rome: The Empire that Shaped the World

Dec 8 – Mar 31, Museum of Geraldton

If you’re holidaying around WA, or even just keen for something different with the family, you’re going to want to check out this amazing exhibition that brings Ancient Rome back to life.

Prepare to be astounded at the re-creation of a period that has such historical significance. You’ll be taken back to the wonder of innovative nature of the materials and technology that existed at the time, whilst gaining an insight into the lives of the people that lived during this ferocious time of human existence.

The whole family will feel like they’ve gone back in time as they are treated with a variety of hands-on creations, artefacts, models, catapults, frescoes, armour, weapons, busts, and so much more.

Re-imagining Australia – Voices of Indigenous Australians of Filipino Descent

Dec 8 – Feb 3, WA Maritime Museum

Based on the book by the same name, this extraordinary exhibition will bring you back to the early 1860’s, where the first Filipinos arrived in Australia to participate in our country’s thriving pearling industry. Known as the Manilamen, these people helped to shape the multicultural land that we now know, and their stories will leave you amazed.

Narrated by their descendants in Broome and Torres Strait, learn of the struggles of the Manilamen, the places they lived, and who exactly these people were that travelled so far away from the life they knew, to call Australia home.

Their stories are full of challenges and sacrifice, and will open your eyes to the way in which our great nation has come to be. This exhibition is not to be missed!

Documentary Screening and Artist Q&A – Roger Swainston: Drawn to Water

Dec 9, WA Maritime Museum

A one-off screening, this documentary will be sure to leave you in awe of Roger Swainston’s mind-blowing talents. Roger is an artist who has a staggering personal connection with the Ningaloo Reef, a location in the north of our state that is well known for its beauty and sea life.

Roger is fifteen years deep into a twenty-year project that aims to divulge the happenings beneath the surface of the Ningaloo waters through art. He spends six weeks in Coral Bay each year to create astoundingly incredible underwater drawings of the sea life of the area.

Roger’s powerful art has captivated audiences across the world, and you will not want to miss this screening of his exploration and attempted understanding of the magnificent world beneath the water’s surface. The screening will be followed by a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with Roger, who will be happy to answer any questions and discuss his experiences and work.

The insights that Roger gives you will allow a breathtaking vision of the Ningaloo Reef in ways that you never thought possible.

Image Source: Columbia Wild Magic, Ancient Rome: The Empire that Shaped the World, Re-imagining Australia – Voices of Indigenous Australians of Filipino Descent – WA Museums, Documentary Screening and Artist Q&A – Roger Swainston: Drawn to Water – Roger Swainston Artist Website
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