Exhale Mindfulness Studio brings peace of mind to Perth workers with it’s corporate and public meditation sessions.

Exhale Mindfulness Studio in West Perth is offering a workplace meditation program aimed at helping employees improve their mental wellbeing by creating a moment of peace in their busy schedules. Research has found that one in five Australian employees have taken time off in the past year due to feeling mentally unwell, so studio founder and director Amelia Harvey has created a program aimed specifically at improving mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Amelia is a Leederville-based entrepreneur with a background in psychology who has spent the last five years running a business as a life coach and mentor. Exhale Studio opened it’s doors in February of this year and has been running public and corporate sessions since.

Amelia says meditation is important in the corporate space because mental health affects all aspects of employees’ lives, including their productivity.

‘Our clients see reduced sick leave and stress claims, retention of quality staff and an overall increase in employee engagement,’ says Amelia. ‘The aim of the program is also to give employees a toolkit of mindfulness strategies so they can become more self-aware, emotionally intelligent, have increased focus and enjoy better relationships in the workplace.’

The team at Exhale work closely with clients to customise their corporate meditation packages, focusing on topics such as core values and current issues as a point of focus to ensure that the meditation sessions really make an impact.

The studio is offering business leaders a chance to come and try a complimentary public meditation class at the Studio to see the benefits of a meditation practice for themselves.

Scoop went along to one of the 30 minute public meditation sessions this week, which are designed to slot easily into a busy working lifestyle. Nestled in quiet, leafy surroundings, there was a sense of peace and calm at the studio even before we’d left our shoes at the door. Inside is warm, welcoming and airy, with a relaxing atmosphere that greets you as soon as you enter. Amelia ran us through some basics before the session got underway. Thirty minutes flew by, and as the session participants opened their eyes it was clear that many had unwound and found a moment of peace during the session.

This month the studio is offering unlimited access to its 30 minute public meditation sessions for $39.

Exhale Mindfulness Studio is located at 6/3 Lawrence Avenue, West Perth. Find out more.

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