With the hard borders in place, Broome is one of a few guaranteed warm weather coastal hot spots available to West Australians.

Most accommodation, especially at resorts close to Cable Beach, are already fully booked for September and October and bookings are starting to flow over to November and December.

With four-star Cable Beach resorts offering packages for 2 people and 3 nights for just $455, it’s no wonder it’s being seen as the 2020 alternative to Bali.

So, if you love the heat, warm water, cocktails by the pool and the occasional awesome thunderstorm, you need to book now.

The stunning pool and garden at Kimberley Sands resort 

Best things to do in Broome: November/December season

Kimberley Sands is a 4-star, family-friendly resort and one of the longest running accommodation operators in Cable Beach. They tell us that everyone has their favourite season, but many of their guests and locals say that November and December is their favourite time of the year. Town is less busy, the warm weather is guaranteed and everyone is relaxed after a busy season.

With less people around, it’s a great opportunity for front row seats to see the Staircase to the Moon on Roebuck Bay, the sunset at Cable Beach and to explore some of the local attractions such as the Gantheaume Point Dinosaur Footprints.

Plus, with Bali closed, this year is more popular than ever before. At Kimberley Sands, from November 1, there are packages available for 2 people for 3 nights for $455, so it makes it a pretty cheap weekend away. To help plan your getaway, the team gave us a list of the five most popular things for guests to do during the November/December season.

Relaxing on Cable Beach

Cable Beach is still the most popular place to visit and most guests make a once or twice daily pilgrimage. Early morning and late evening walks are most popular and only made better with a glass of wine or a beer while watching the sun go down. Some guests hire a car while others are happy for the 10 minute walk or to catch the local bus from out front. If you are looking to swim, note that there can be a few stingers around in December, but in November you’ll be good to go!

Cocktails by the pool

Cocktails by the pool are popular, especially for guests staying a little longer and getting into the leisurely rhythm of Broometime. Cocktails start from 3pm on Wednesday to Sunday and most guests not on tour or down at Cable Beach make it to Happy Hour, which runs from 4pm to 6pm.

Dinner by the pool

While town is awash with restaurants, the luxury of a resort is having everything close at hand and especially after a few cocktails, sticking around for a meal by the pool is a lot easier than getting dressed and leaving the resort. The Sands Restaurant and Bar is open Wednesday to Sunday for cocktails and dinner and most guests enjoy at least a couple of nights eating in.

The magical afternoon nap

A cooling shower and afternoon nap in crispy clean sheets, knowing the only thing you have to wake up for is a cocktail by the pool, is one of the true luxuries of a resort holiday. For some, the afternoon nap is as much part of the holiday routine as breakfast and lunch. No one should go home without it.

Most popular tours

We get feedback from all the guests about their favourite tours and the most popular seem to be: Sunset Camel Ride on Cable Beach, Horizontal Falls, Cape Leveque Tours and the outback stargazing Astro Tour. There are plenty of incredible experiences to be had in this beautiful part of the state that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. It’s time to tick them off your bucketlist!

Kimberley Sands Resort
W: kimberleysands.com.au
P: (08) 9193 8300
E: [email protected]


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