When it comes to combat sports, there are plenty of options and styles to explore around Perth from traditional karate schools, to mixed martial arts gyms, to free, all-women’s boxing clubs. With International Women’s Day just gone, ladies of Perth can unleash their girl-power with these women-only self-defence classes, championing female empowerment. With multiple courses available for private groups, work functions, and one-on-one lessons, women from all walks of life can develop skills to boost confidence, feel powerful and have fun along the way.

Short Courses

Strike Training and Consultancy

For those looking to learn more about self-defence, without the complexity of learning a formal martial art, Strike Training and Consultancy is a great option. Offering 3-hour courses to small groups of 8 or more, Strike Training emphasises self-defence theory by teaching strategies to avoid violent situations, how to communicate when confronted and understanding WA’s laws around self-defence. Knowledgeable instructors also offer a variety of practical defensive maneuvers for a wide range of ages and athletic abilities, and can provide tailored advice for individual scenarios. These short lessons are available once a month, on Saturday mornings from 9am to 12pm, and are open to women of all experience levels with no equipment needed, aside from comfortable workout clothes.

Find directions to Strike Training and Consultancy here.

Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness

Longer self-defence courses can be found at Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness, where all movements used are designed to maximise efficiency, meaning you don’t need to be bigger, stronger or more aggressive than your opponent to defend yourself effectively. You will learn how to diffuse volatile situations and avoid conflict, as well as develop healthy self-confidence and self-image to help deter potential attackers. This 12-hour course, taught over 6 weeks includes instruction from a female instructor, comprehensive course notes for you to take home and practice, and use of the facility 6 days a week (for the duration of the course). Courses can be booked for groups or for one-on-one consultation to perfect your techniques. If you want to explore more of the world of self-defence, then an advanced course is also available upon completion of the beginner course.

Find directions to Jan de Jong Martial Arts here.


Combat Arts Institute of Australia

Looking to focus on a particular martial arts discipline? Try the female-only Krav Maga self-defence seminars at Combat Arts Institute of Australia. Used by the Israeli military, this martial art focuses on fast and effective techniques, with students learning verbal de-escalation tactics as well. Combat Arts Institute of Australia offers a women-only introduction to self-defence every second month, with the next one penciled in for May. Be sure to check out their website here to find updates.

Find directions to Combat Arts Institute of Australia here.


Explore the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and learn to defend yourself from the ground at 80/20. In a 4-hour course taught over 4 weeks, learn practical self-defence in a casual environment where you can learn how to direct energy and use an opponent’s strength to your advantage. The instructors at 80/20 have over 10 years of teaching experience and aim to train students in the techniques, concepts and strategies that will yield to best results in the fastest time.

Find directions to 80/20 here.

Long Term Options

ATI Martial Arts

For longer-term options to learning self-defence try ATI Martial Arts, where you can learn a range of techniques from across multiple disciplines, such as taekwando, kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  At ATI Martial Arts, you will be taught in female-only classes, by female instructors making this a great option for those looking for an exclusively all-female environment. In these lessons, you can learn practical self-defence as well as get fitter and stronger as you go.

Find directions to your nearest ATI Martial Arts here.

Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy

Also offering long-term female-only martial arts classes is Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy. Their constantly-evolving program draws on a range of disciplines to form a Freestyle form of martial arts that is accessible and keeps their female students updated on new techniques and self-defence strategies. Taking a holistic approach to self-defence, Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy prepares your body and mind for life’s challenges.

Find directions to Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy here.

If this article has raised any personal issues for you, please reach out to, Lifeline on 131 114 or ReachOut Australia’s National Respect Hotline 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732).

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